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Do you ever wonder if your ex still thinks of you?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) August 29th, 2008
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I know he does.

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I think of my ex…I can only assume from time to time, I must cross her mind as well.

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Probably.. I get silly drunk and call her a few times every month at 4 AM. Pretty sure it isn’t positive thoughts.

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oh my.
I do, only very rarely… or when I see neat graffiti on a train! :D I’m positive he thinks of me.

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Not is any good way.

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I’ve been divorced 10 years and I still think of my ex from time to time. And it is always good thoughts of him or just something will remind me of something fun we did. I am sure he thinks of me now and then.

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I still have dreams about begging my ex to come back. UGH.

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i know i think of him.
and i’m sure he still thinks about me a bit.
we see eachother quite often because we live rather close.
most of the time when i think about him i think about how ridiculous we were. i’m sure he probably thinks the same. haha.

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My ex and I broke up three years ago. He is now married and has a child. I am now in a long-term, committed, living-together relationship. (We’re clearly over each other.)

I never “think of him” in a missing-him way, but certainly, there are occasionally conversation topics with others that remind me of a relevant story that occurred with him. The only ways I think of him are in that context. I’m sure the same happens to him, with me. Probably nothing more.

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@GoS: I have to ask, since I’m in almost the same situation (2 years broken up, he’s got a child and lives with his girlfriend, and I practically live with my boyfriend of nearly 2 years): Do you ever remember certain things about your ex and miss that thing rather than him? Not personality traits necessarily, but things you did or jokes you had?

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@poofandmook: Great question. I’m glad you can relate.

Very rarely, I do remember certain things about my ex and miss those things; however, they are very fleeting and superficial. (It’s not really more than a ten-second thought and a smile.) I don’t miss him, and we’re really better without each other (and with our new partners instead), but I know what you mean about missing certain things. I think that fades with time, though. It’s only very seldom that a random positive thought of him will cross my mind.

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Yeah they’re pretty superficial with me too. For example, I was playing Grand Theft Auto 3 a few weeks ago, and whenever I’d even bump my car into something I’d say “This car is beat” and go steal another one. My ex thought it was hysterical and cracked up every time. I said it a few weeks ago and my boyfriend didn’t even pay attention. That sort of thing.

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I highly doubt my most recent ex does, thought i think of him from time to time. I do know that one of my ex’s thinks about me a lot because he calls me and wants to talk for hours or leaves voicemails and text messages.

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I know that the last two girls do. The one was in the early 90s up to 93, we lived on opposite sides of the US, and we clicked. She knows I am married and STILL looks me up and calls me out of the blue from time to time. I’ve been married Nine years! The other one was just slightly more recent and she looked me up and started emailing me a few months back. I told her thanks for the opportunity for closure, but that her contact was causing my wife pain and please not contact me again. I haven’t dated many girls, so I don’t know what I do, but they don’t want to let go. I feel bad that they still hang on. What could I do though.

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Oh, sure, we can all play the “what ifs” in our head, but what does that really accomplish? I wouldn’t want my wife to do that a lot, ‘cause then, in a way, she would be showing me that she has real doubts about US. You’ve got to move on. Even if you could have been happier with that other person, you made your decision to move on. And now your present partner deserves your full attention. Make this one work, don’t worry about what could have been.

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@strat: I don’t think it’s about not moving on. But good memories don’t get destroyed just with the ending of a relationship.

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“good memories don’t get destroyed just with the ending of a relationship.”

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I know at least two of them still think of me. One is going out with my sister which I think is a big mistake. The other one is the father of my children.

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Yes I do. But when I think of the type of person that he is and the fact that he can’t let go of the past, I don’t wonder very long. I know that he, and the others, do. It’s just a matter of varying degrees of obsession.

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