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If you were at the store, in line behind someone with too many items in their shopping cart, would you say something to the person?

Asked by jca2 (12695points) November 27th, 2019

Yesterday, a fight broke out with three people, two getting arrested. Biting and kicking occurred because of someone with too many items in their shopping cart. It’s not clear how many “extra” items the person had in their cart.

Times that this has happened to you, did you say something to the person with too many items?

Do you ever get in the express checkout lane at the supermarket or store like Walmart if you have more items than the sign says is allowed?

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I am usually not paying enough attention to their stuff for that to happen but I do think it is inconsiderate if people do that.
The idea of getting into a fight because of it is nuts.

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I dread the day that I will get stressed over such trivialities.

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I think we need to bring back the stockade in a virtualized manner. Publically shame/humiliate people for this kind of crap by posting their name, video proof and their picture to social media. This should include selfish pricks who drive like other people on the road don’t have lives that are worth anything.

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Gives new meaning to “Thanksgiving”.
I would never say anything.

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Why I carry a fully charged Taser with me when I shop. Hit em in the neck and down they go like the sack of potatoes in their cart.

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I have and will.

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If someone has eleven instead of twelve, I won’t say anything. But if someone has a full cart, I’ll point out that they are in an express line.

But really, it’s the cashier’s job to say something.

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I would begin tap dancing something thirties, pouring corn flakes under my dazzling feet.
If I am attacked then so be it.

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How absurd. It’s sad, but that’s the kind of behavior that Facebook seems to promote.

But if they roll up with a grocery cart FULL I would assume they just hadn’t read the sign, and I might politely point it out. If they ignore me I’d just wait for the clerk to say something.

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No! What am I trying to do? Start a fight??

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I was in Walmart once, on the express checkout line, and a guy had a cart full of stuff. Totally full of stuff. I asked the clerk why he was allowed to stay, and she said they (the cashiers) are not allowed to say anything to the customer. Other customers could say something, of course, but the cashiers couldn’t. Probably, if I had to guess, it’s because then it becomes an argument and of course, the customer could call Corporate on them. Anyway, this time I said something to the guy and he just continued on and didn’t look at me.

If it’s just a few items, I don’t care.

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I think KNOWITALL has really long, sharp toenails. If someone did that to her, I’m sure their Achille’s tendons would suffer her wrath! ;-D

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No. This is why I use the self checkout.

I work in a grocery store that doesn’t have impatient guests
like this. I am so grateful. Everyone waits their turn. We have a bar upstairs if your panties get tight.

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If it’s a few items over I wouldn’t say anything and it wouldn’t bother me at all and I don’t think anyone should be making a fuss for 2–3 items over.

If it was a lot of items over, like 10 or more, I might tell the person they are on the express line. I’d say it in a helpful way, not an angry tone. It’s not unusual for people to not realize they are on the wrong line. If I made that mistake I’d just move to another line when someone pointed it out to me.

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You never know how someone is going to react, no matter how nicely you say it.

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^^That’s true. If they decided to stay online I personally wouldn’t care. It’s not that big of a deal.

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Sometimes it is a big deal if a person is in a hurry. We all have pretty important reasons to be in a hurry once in a while. That’s why express lanes were created.

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I really don’t care. I get annoyed sometimes, sure, but it’s no big deal in the grand scheme of things. Sometimes we are in a hurry, so it’s a bit more annoying, but it’s unlikely that anyone will die if someone ahead of me takes longer than I would personally like.

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I might be annoyed. But probably wouldn’t bother to mention it.

What is the expected outcome of speaking up? If they already know they are over the limit, I doubt they would care. Do I really want to expend energy engaging with an asshole over the express line?

And if they were in a hurry and didn’t realize, do I want them to pack up and leave the line? Then I would feel like the jerk.

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