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What do you think about Reptilians, shapeshifters...?

Asked by windex (2932points) August 30th, 2008

David Icke, Lizard People, Shapeshifters, NWO, African Zulu Shaman, Credo Mutwa

HOW CAN IT Possibly be TRUE and NOT a SINGLE person has rock solid PROOF of their existence.

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drinking the fire water again??

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I don’t.Think of shapes-hifters.

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I think about such things, all the time, and believe that many people actually do have proof about the existence of some of the things you mention. I also believe that the reason such things have yet to be publicly revealed to the populace en masse, is smply because it is impossible to predict how the majority of human beings will respond to such “revelations.” Some anthropologists and philosophers (along with many eminent psychologists and psychiatrists) believe that mankind is not ready to be informed that “we” are NOT the most intelligent (and advanced) civilization in the entire Universe, and that if it is ever proven that we are not, some of us will either riot in the streets (complete with looting, of course), go on killing sprees, or participate in mass suicides.

I believe that David Icke exists, but I have no proof that he does, and won’t have any proof that he does, until I actually meet him face-to-face, and can verify the reference number on his driver’s license, via a friend of mine with the NYPD, who can run it on the NCIC computer links.

As I have publicly mentioned previously, a person or organization stops looking for something, once that “something” has been found. That’s why the USA government has pulled all taxpayer funding for PROJECT SETI, because they believe (as do I) that it is fundamentally stupid to continue funding searches for extraterrestrial intellect, AFTER it has already been found.

I also believe that a Gawd who can do anything & everything, can create (and maintain) all of the entities you have mentioned, but why He would do so, is beyond my comprehension.

August 30, 2008, 9:27 AM EDT

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As a terminally curious person, I’m blessed with a lack of curiosity about this subject. I’ve read Icke’s breakdown, though, and it does make for an interesting and cogent interpretation of the anthropology of ancient and indigenous societies as well as the bible.

I’d probably treat it like I treat astrology, it may be true or not, but is there usefulness in the idea(s)? Does it articulate a gut-level truth or provide parable-like insight into one’s nature or human nature? For example, I don’t need to believe in trans-dimensional reptilians, but it’s useful to think about the idea that some world leaders really are serving an evil agenda and are not just misled or inept.

I meant to add that we now have astronauts claiming the existence of UFOs and such, so I suppose anything’s possible.

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