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What shall we change Thanksgiving to?

Asked by Dutchess_lll (8728points) November 28th, 2019

According to our president “they” want to change the name of Thanksgiving.

What shall we call it henceforth?

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Some sort of Native American holiday.

The Pilgrims are responsible for genocide, and there is a movement to rename it or protest it on college campuses. kind of like those who protest Columbus Day.

Protests of Columbus Day are dying off as it is an important holiday in the Latino community, so I guess they need to protest something—Thanksgiving is currently perceived as a ‘white’ holiday.

I remember Thanksgiving being protested in the 1980s and ‘90s but I think media exposure makes these protests more visible.

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Last Thursday in November.

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We could Nordenize it in honor of the original Viking settlers and name it Thor’s Day.

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No one has ever said it was the 150 pilgrims who made it
here in the 15th century who committed genocide, fool. It was the European military who followed 400 years later that committed genocid

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@Yellowdog…the Norse settled Greenland and Iceland, not North America.
There is a rumor that the Norse actually landed on North America before Columbus, but they made zero inroads to the New World, and the evidence is scant.

Pop quiz @Yellow dog. Who did Christopher Columbus work for? No googling.

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L’Anse Aux Meadows—the archaeological evidence is pretty convincing to me, and will probably make a believer out of you, too.

Lesser evidences are from New York through the St. Lawrence River valley, but they definitely were in Newfoundland.

And there are plenty of college students who protest that the Pilgrims were responsible for subsequent genocide and land-stealing campaigns. YOU are the one who asked the question, and as usual, you bash / insult the people who answer it.

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“The Natives Should Have Roasted All Y’All Day”

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@Dutchess_lll: I know the answer to the pop quiz without googling, or is it only @Yellowdog you want to answer it?

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Turkey Day. Because, after all, the turkey could have been our national bird.

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@Dutchess_lll About all I can answer about your Pop Quiz question would be that he was born Italian but was commissioned by Spain to find an alternate route to India or the Orient—as to not have to trek through Muslim lands to reach the Orient.

Admittedly, the Norse settlements in Newfoundland were not that great. Some of us built better forts in our backyards in our preteens

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Speaking for myself I do not want to change it and would continue to call the day Thanksgiving regardless of what the calendar says.

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I think leave the name alone. It is a day of giving thanks and being with friends and family. I know so many people who consider Thanksgiving their favorite holiday, and now some people want to change it? Is it even about the pilgrims and the Indians still? It’s a secular American holiday that brings people together.

I’d like to get rid of the Black Friday part of the weekend. Maybe with online shopping Black Friday shopping is changing too.

If we moved Thanksgiving to another month we wouldn’t have such a crazy retail frenzy maybe. I can see a lot of reasons to move it to a different part of the year or at minimum earlier in November. 2nd weekend in November sounds good to me. More likely to have milder weather. Spreads out the Christmas shopping season a little more. You wouldn’t be having a huge turkey meal twice within 30 days, it would be more like 6 weeks. If Thanksgiving was moved to another month, like late September, early October, or early February, then it would also space out major holidays to be with family. Thanksgiving and Christmas seem to be the biggies for most people.

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No one is really talking about renaming Thanksgiving. It was just trump blathering again.

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^I invite you to revisit my answer.

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Please repost instead of asking me to wade back through the answers.

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