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2 month old grandson throws up every baby formula we’ve tried. Any suggestions?

Asked by Poliwogamajig (21points) November 28th, 2019 from iPhone

From similac, isomil, enfamil and others, my grandson throws up. The pediatrician, to my dismay, prescribed reflux meds which has decreased but not stopped the problem. We have even tried goat’s milk which the baby seems to tolerate a little bit better than the others. Any suggestions?

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Many hospitals offer Mothet’s milk. Try La Leche.league

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Get a second opinion.

Is there a medical center in the area? Maybe there’s a pediatric GI doctor who can see him.

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Did you try human mothers milk?

I’m not a mom, but I’ve seen infants who seem to regularly throw up a little after feeding. I always assumed they grew out of it.

I would talk to another doctor, try human milk, and also I would give the baby less milk at one sitting, assuming the baby doesn’t cry for more. The baby has a little tummy, and the organs are close together and just learning to digest food. The stomach might not be dumping the liquid into the rest of the digestive system fast enough, and so it’s backing up.

Everything I said is off the top of my head. I have no experience on the matter.

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Burping is super important. Some babies are hard to get bubbles out. My first son resisted.i would get a small pfff, and I thought he was done. In a few minutes he would start spitting up. I tried new ways. What worked best for him was I started by patting his bottom, and gradually working my way up. When I got to his shoulder blades I started over again.
During the second or third trip I would get a BRRRRAAAACK big enough to impress a lumberjack.
That would just about do it, but I always made one more round just in case.
DO NOT lay the baby down to feed.
As @JLeslie said, the brand new organs are learning their jobs. Baby is learning too. Eventually they get better at feeding without taking in so much air, and then to burp on their own.

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I would get a second opinion. My son threw up a lot the first few years. He had a condition called gastro-esophagol reflux. He grew out of it and thrived but the problem should be diagnosed. Maybe the baby is lactose intolerant. We don’t know but do get a second opinion.

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One of my children was born allergic to milk and had to be on soy milk..the only one that she could lasted less about a year or so then was OK.
Pediatrician prescribed it.

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The pediatrician is probably on the right page. Mine was given a prescription for Prevacid and the problem resolved in a short time.

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Reflux and dairy/soy sensitivity or allergy are likely issues. Any pediatrician or pediatric GI doctor would do an appropriate workup given the symptoms. Is the baby gaining weight? If yes, this may be less urgent of an issue. If no (baby is NOT growing), this is a critically urgent problem.

Be careful about sleeping position and aids – babies are generally not recommended to be placed with an elevated head (past suggestion for reflux) due to risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

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First, are you over feeding him? Does he stop drinking and do you then encourage him to drink just a little more and a little more?

Second, take him to another doctor.

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PS, Don’t feed him the milk from other mammals. Human milk and formula is designed to meet the nutritional needs of baby humans.

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