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Grey/gray; what's your association with it?

Asked by rebbel (31095points) November 29th, 2019

What comes to mind first (and second, if you want) when you think of grey/gray?

1 Boring.
2 Mouse.

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1) what’s left of my hair is grey

2) I have always thought that grey is a classier spelling than gray.

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I. Elegant
2. Understated
My hub has mostly silver hair now and it looks like metal. It is so pretty. :)

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Confederate States of America.

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Fog is grey;
“Lost in a fog on such a grey day…”

Stone is gray

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Ex’s nickname was Gray. My cousins always spelled it Grey.

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Battleships and elephants.

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People / hair.
Then other things.

As for the feel of it, I tend to rather like both the color and the word. I often like grey weather, and grey stones, and other things that are grey. There’s something soothing about it for me.

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Here’s my buddy “Bill”.
Grey=beautiful- just ask him.

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Beautiful kitty!

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@rebbel—He said, “Thanks”.

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In the US, spelling it with an e is considered more upper class. I have no idea why. For that reason, I deliberately only spell it with an a.

Gray is a color I see very little of where I live.

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My Jaguar is grey my Ford is gray.

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Neither of your answers. I like the color grey when it has a little brown in it. That is the color of my car. In the sunlight it looks brown; in the shade it’s a nice gray color.

I associated grey with surnames. I know several.

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The skies around Cleveland Ohio are usually gray. It’s depressing.

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A song by Die Ärzte

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To the many colourful threads on Fluther I always wanna bring that special touch of grey.

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Modern decor.

Lots of my zumba clothing. Some of my pajamas.

Dark grey, or charcoal grey, I think of cars and suits.

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