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Are you still a virgin if you only do foreplay and not intercourse? (NSFW)

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17013points) November 30th, 2019

In other words a failed attempt at sex? Where one loses an erection and no sex happens?

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Yes, one would still be a virgin in that scenario.

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Technically, yes, but not really mentally.

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Virginity is a social construct and does not actually exist.

If you have not had intercourse, then you have not had intercourse. Depending on your level of sexual activity, you may or may not have been at risk for a sexually transmitted infection, if you did not use protection.

If you have not had sexual activity, then you have not had sexual activity.

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This depends on the individual’s definition of “virginity.”

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Specifically, yes.

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So you play soccer but never scored? Are you a soccer player? Forget virginity, it was mainly intended for women to make sure nobody was there before you. You might or might not be a virgin but your experience in foreplay is priceless. There is no good sex without good foreplay. One day you will be a heck of lover!

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Practically, yes. Like you are not a smoker if you play with cigarettes and do not light up…

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Virginity is in 2 parts.
Falsifyable virginity is a solid physical description of a female who’s body has not changed to the point of no return after an act of vaginal penetration.

Conceptual virginity is an idea of chronological measure of the physical world where at least one male has sexual contact with at least one female (even if it’s just skin contact or looking)

Depending on what’s done for the first time. “breaking your virginity” when talking about kissing means you kissed someone for the first time ever

But for the first construct, it only applies to females who do go through unfixable (if you discount surgery) change after intercourse.

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@komencents There is no biological “point of no return after an act of vaginal penetration.” It does not exist.

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