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In what way are you the "extremist" within your social circle?

Asked by longgone (18300points) December 1st, 2019

Are you the guy who recycles every last…confetto? Are you the vegan, bringing your beached minke whale to all family dinners? Maybe you’re into guns, while your friends have nothing but scorn for all weapons?

Tell me about it.

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I am quicker to take a stand-that is what my husband says.

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Definitely my musical tastes.

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This might come as a surprise. I’m probably the most even-keeled one in my family and circle of friends.

Considering, my extremest thing is my relentless obsession with installing ad-blockers on every computer or phone I can get my hands on. I got the lady that was administering me chemo to hand over her iPhone so I could check my email because my battery had died. My battery was just fine. I even got her to enter her password in the app store so I could install a ad-blocker (Firefox Focus, don’t have to use Firefox, works as a content blocker in Safari). Relentless.

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I have several circles I’m always the odd one out.

Work: They are all basically conservative, christian and are what you would think when you hear the two terms together and they’re all pro Trump. I’m an atheist, don’t care about the abortion issue and hold some left-leaning concerns like healthcare reform. I don’t dare lead on that I’m not into the Jesus thing.

Family:They’re mostly left-leaning, anti-gun, PC and follow those lines to a “T.” They think Trump is evil incarnate. I’m ok with guns, like shooting and believe in ownership. I’m fed up with the over the top political correctness and cancel culture. My sisters and mom believe in psychics and alternative medicine and stuff like that. They brew their own Kombucha if that says anything. My dad is stoic and conservative, He like myself do not buy into that bullshit. They’re all anti-gun though so I don’t dare discuss my hobby with them.

Friends: My old circle is so liberal that when they realized I had drifted over into conservative territory they distanced themselves from me. Guess they really were not friends after all. This is but one reason I’m tight lipped about politics and religion. Getting thrown out of a social circle because of it is an unnerving experience. I have one good childhood friend I don’t see enough that thinks exactly like me except I suspect he is not an atheist.

Marriage: She was for Trump briefly but reversed that quickly after he started behaving the way he does. She is Christian-ish but an LGBTQ advocate as she has good friends in that community. She is not a big fan of guns but is ok with me having them.

Aside from my dad, wife and like one person I’m generally at odds with everyone I know. Fluther is no exception either.

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My picture taking is second to none.

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My taste in music. (I hate Rap)
My tastes in movies and books.
The things I’ll stand for.
I try to never let things beat me. I hit back harder when it looks like I may fail at something.

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