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How often do you run chkdsk?

Asked by 2davidc8 (9494points) 4 days ago

Is it still necessary?
I have a laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium.

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Practically never. Maybe once a year if we had a power failure, just to make sure things are OK.

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I’m using Win10 with CCleaner. I think that every time the CCleaner scans, it also runs a CHKDSK. I was never good at remembering to do the CHKDSK

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@SEKA How do you like CCleaner? Have you had any problems with it?

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@2davidc8 I’ve been using it for several years now. I was disappointed when I first started using it because there is a learning curve. Now I’m loving it.

I get a popup window every time I close my browser telling me how much space can be saved and asking me if I want to clean my drive. I usually ignore it until I get to at least a gig of space to be saved to clean. I also had to learn to add specific websites that I use a lot (bank, credit cards, etc) so their cookies don’t get blocked. Once I figured out the little quirks, I feel a lot safer. Another thing that I like is that I can control the settings to button it up with the way I feel most comfortable. I also choose to use the Pro version that I pay to use. I don’t remember what it is that I pay, but it’s not very much and I feel it is worth the peace of mind.

They are really good about putting out updates and letting you know when you have an update waiting to be installed. The app tells you and they also send an email to verify that it’s time to update

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