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Regardless of age, what was the dumbest thing you ever did on a dare?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (17266points) 1 week ago

Dare to tell?
Just wondering.

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I ate dirt,ten minutes ago. :)
(actually, I was about 5)

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I drove in to a wall, with my bicycle.
A friend of my older brother dared me to.
I said, sure.
The front fork was bend backwards.
My parents thought I was dim.
Age: 27 10

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I swung out on a rope over a frozen river and the rope broke and so did the ice. Went for a swim in a frozen river in December.

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Run through several yards in a neighborhood full of paranoid meth-heads.

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In the James River there is a section with very big rocks in the middle that people have picnics on when the weather is warm. One of these rocks has a narrow underwater tunnel that has wormed it’s way through the stone over the centuries. It’s just narrow enough for a kid’s shoulders to get through…

Yes, I held my breath and swam the ~10’ or so through the rock in the moving river when I was in middle school on a dare.

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When I was 15 we played truth or dare in my friends basement, and someone both dared me and her to French kiss in front of her over protective parents. We both agreed, and she was completely ok with the prank, but I chickened out at the last minute and from the corner of her dads eye it looked like I was harassing her. I was never allowed in her house again…

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There are unfortunately, too many to list.

Off the top of my head though, I’ve raced a cop in a Cobra Mustang I had.

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I was challenged to slide down a cliff. I did and got turned around and was sliding on my back, head first, pretty much out of control. I was 12 or so.

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Too many to consider, but jumping rooftop to rooftop with a height that would have killed me was one.

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Dare? Who needs dares?
Before I was a year old I was climbing my parents’ bi level end tables. My mom kept those things well coated in lemony pledge, so is was quite the exercise in futility.
Before age three I got bored with my swings and started climbing the legs of the swingset. I would then chimpanzee swing my way across the top bar. At seven, I decided I would gain world attention if I started walking across that top bar. The trick was getting to the other end and nothing to hold to get down. Jumping would have caused me serious damage. I was the size of your average three year old. I took a couple of steps back, turned sideways, then stepped backwards off the bar. I caught it on my way down, then slid the rest of the way down a leg.
Fast forward past years of climbing barn rafters to catch chickens and various other swift stunts, I decided I wanted to be a stunt woman. I practiced with things like my car to truck jumps doing double nickles down the duelies. I was proficient with a bull whip before Indiana Jones was flying the millennium falcon.
Like I said, who needs a dare? I was born to make people shake their heads.

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