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If I was to tickle you, where would you be most sensitive & what non violent reaction would I get?

Asked by ucme (48446points) 4 days ago


Remember, murder is illegal :D

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There are only violet reactions. In college I had a big house and a few roommates (a couple) moved in. Found them on Craigslist and they were from San Diego. I lived there for a few years in the fifth grade. Love S.D.

They just had a bit of cash saved up. This was shortly after 9.11 and the economy was poor. But they needed jobs asap. They were nerdy hipsters and I got the guy a job at movie theater. I knew the manager and pulled strings. The girl ended up working at a flower place on the side of the road and was paid under the table. She actually made good money. More than the dude.

But the girl/woman knew I was ticklish. Seriously ticklish. But one day I got home from school and was going up the stairs to drop off my backpack. When you walked in the front door there were stairs. My room was up the stairs above the garage. But she intercepted me and pinned me on the stairs and went to town tickling my ribs. I pushed her off. Rib-tickles are actually painful.

But a bad thing happened and I pushed her a bit too hard. She wasn’t breathing and we all kinda flipped out. Jessie suggested that we take care of “the situation”. We went to Fred Meyer and bought a shovel.

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If you tickle my feet, I will get you back hard.
Non violent such as color hair shampoo, saran wrap on your loo and doorways, sugar in your salt, year subscription to Silver and Sexy Over 500lbs magazine, etc…

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I have an iron will. I might be dying inside but you will never see it. ;)

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@KNOWITALL My word, but you have a mean streak young lady :D
If that magazine title is real I think It’s both hilarious & terrifying at the same time.
@lucillelucillelucille Poker face eh? Where though are your, ahem…“weak spots”?

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@ucme If you pre-pay, they cant stop it plus renewals come. Yes, its a bit rotten but dont touch the feet! Haha
Fake title but many similar, midgets, fetish, etc…

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@KNOWITALL Then I must congratulate you on the one you came up with, so funny :D
I hate my feet touched even, let alone tickled, drives me wild in a way that could send me to jail :D

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@ucme lol, glad you liked it!
Same here, buddy. Husband and mother both torment my poor feeties every chance, because I get so worked up.

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Belly/sides are my most ticklish area. My siblings took advantage of that when I was a kid because I was always more ticklish than them. But I always tried to kick my brother in the face so I don’t really know how to do a non-violent reaction :P

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My eye-balls.

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I’d be pissed if you tickled me. It’s very uncomfortable. Too much of it and I put it on the order of almost torture.

Knees, stomach, underarms, and feet.

It’s not funny.

My reaction is “STOP.”

If it’s just for a moment the tickle you might only get a very disapproving annoyed look from me.

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Tickle my ribs and there will be nothing non-violent about my reaction.

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I have maimed a few people who thought tickling me would be funny. I never responded well to tickling, but now that touch of any kind can bring on convulsant reactions, best you stick to a peck on the cheek with me.

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@JLeslie Knees is an unusual one, underarms though are a killer.

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