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What should I say to your President?

Asked by ucme (48461points) 4 days ago

Donald is over here & I thought I might pay him a visit, as you do.
I am good friends with the Queen & am sure she would arrange a brief meeting, perhaps over tea.
Any thoughts on how to break the ice?

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“How do you do, Mr. President? How is your tea?”

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Oh I think we’d get on like a house on fire.
We have a few things in common…
We both have a beautiful wife
Both are independently wealthy (well, kinda)
Hated by half of America :D

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Ask after his family, are they well.
Bring him a big Mac, pickles on the side.
Allow him a chance to enjoy your tireless wit.

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Any rampant display of bad form on your part should go a long way toward assuring his comfort. I should thing a loud recitation of titty jokes distinguished by ruthless mutilation of the Queen’s English accompanied by prolonged demonstrations of masterful belching and farting can only enhance the Don’s comfort with and affinity for “just plain folks”.

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Ask him who is he?
He expects everyone in the world should and would pay him homage.
He hates being ignored by the media and high officials.

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@ucme I’d pay to see that. Just make him laugh.

Nice profile pic btw.

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@KNOWITALL I’ve never actually heard him laugh so that would be cool.

That’s me attempting to look saucy lol

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Ask him why he prefers autocrats to allies.

Ask him to say something favorable about eliminating tariffs with China. You could make a killing on the stock market.

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