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What would be a fitting Christmas present to gift a zombie?

Asked by ucme (48461points) 4 days ago

Do you think they’d appreciate ribbon or tape?
Would new underwear be a complete waste?
How about moisturiser?

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An evening with donald j trump!!!

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^^^^^ Got no Brains ! ^^^^^
~ ~ ~ ~Trump is so clueless he thinks he can declare the the Constitution invalid to get off the hook~ ~ ~

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I think they would really love an exfoliating facial scrub and shoe inserts to help with their flat feet. Oh and some mouth wash to help with their brain breath.

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Braaaaaaains, and nothing else.

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Ivanka Trump shoes and bags. Trump Jr.’s newly published “book”, Jared and for every zombie there is, Trump wigs.

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Veggie brains

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@stanleybmanly Would that be those “Impossible Brains” I see sold at Costco?

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Exactly—certified organic.

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The gift of Fluther.

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A few DVDs of movies that are actually good.

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A bottle of nu skin.

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