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Have you ever purchased live seafood?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19435points) December 4th, 2019

From a grocery store? Not just lobster and crabs from my previous question. Edited
Like live oysters or fish?

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I like lobster but couldn’t bring myself to boil it.

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The mussles, oysters and clams are all fresh at my grocer. Another high end grocer near my house has the live Lobsters if I ever get the urge to kill the critter myself.

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But then again I live in New England and it is common for Grocery Stores to sell fresh live seafood of this type. Lobsters, mussels, clams, scallops, cod, haddock, salmon, etc….

Some stores offer better quality and better freshness. It varies season by season also.

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Well. I’ve caught them . I usually eat them…..

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I bought the wife a pineapple sponge cake & she named it Bob.

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@Forever_Free Wait – they sell live cod, salmon and haddock? Those are big fish.

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@janbb Indeed. Not all on those, but some do.

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Well, that would be the same as asking if I’ve ever been fishing. Yes I have.

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@MrGrimm888 “gosh, should have listened to mom’s advice not to accept free meal.” said by a fish ~

Yes, my family has bought live seafood. It depends on what’s in the market. Most of the clams we buy are live. Fish, not so much.

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^I’m a “fisher.” When I get them, they’re mine. I use different tactics, in fresh water. But , if I catch a Sheep’sHead, or shark, I give them a few hits, from a blunt object. The fuckers have teeth, and they use them. Saltwater fishing, is a different monster. Everything in saltwater, has teeth. I have to get them subdued. I don’t like hurting anything. But, if it’s going to be consumed by me, I will kill it…

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Several years ago, my in-laws took us to this restaurant that was known for very fresh seafood.

They would bring the live shrimp to the table and cook it there in front of you.

The disturbing part was after they tore the head and legs off and started sautéing the bodies, the head and legs were still crawling across the plate.

I was so horrified, I couldn’t eat shrimp for years after that.

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Catfish, are hard to kill. I watched my father skin them alive many times. I used to try to kill them before my father cleaned them. I stabbed one, about 2ft long, in her head several times. It didn’t kill her. Some would still be alive after a night in the cooler.
Whenevermy family went camping at a lake, my Dad would put out a trot line. So we ate catfish every day, whole camping.

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