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My little refrigerator (a new version of a half-size non self-defrosting model) is freezing everything inside--even set at the lowest setting.

Asked by skfinkel (13526points) August 30th, 2008

Is there something I can do to fix this? I keep having to buy new refrigerators, and that doesn’t seem right.

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Susan: I had one of those in the guide’s cabin at Lake Placid. I had to defrost it constantly manually with a chisel and hammer. The ice was two inches thick. You have to buy self-defrosting.

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There is no self-defrosting in this size.

And it has been recently defrosted. Now it is freezing throughout the whole frig—not just the tiny freezer compartment..

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I had to whack away at the whole frig., too. I’m afraid that you are lumbered. (Have you asked your neighbors what they do? Could you put a 30” standing one in your hall or bdrm?

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I don’t know why or how it’s happening, but it sounds like a thermostat problem. It may just be that those types of little fridges run very cold. Plus you have a lot of moisture in the air where you are. Call a refrigeration repairman, not a refrigerator repairman. Does that make sense? Go to your favorite local restaurant and ask them who they use. Any thermostat can be replaced to run at any temperature you like.

I know a guy in a loft downtown that bought one of those huge, double glass door Coke coolers (like you see in convenience stores) and had a lower thermostat put in it to keep hundreds of bottles of wine at cellar temperature: 55 degrees. I sure do like goin’ to his house. He bought it on the cheap from a store that was closing, and with the modifications it only cost him around $250. (It still says Coke. Looks cool.)

The reason I say not to call your average home refrigerator repairman, is because they charge at least twice as much as a restaurant guy. Should cost you 60 to !00 bucks.

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