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What are you a fan of?

Asked by Vignette (2887points) December 5th, 2019

What is that something that you like so darn much that you immerse yourself in to the “nth“degree? Do you have a costume if so describe it. What about it that gets you so excited to participate as the #1 fan? Do you belong to a fan club?

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Leeds United Football Club.
Go to most home games, have done since 78’
Marching on together!

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I’ve been getting into homebrewing this past year. It’s been really interesting and a ton of fun, but I’m still very early into the learning process and nowhere close to #1 fan levels of dedication to the hobby.

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Ohio State

The M4 carbine

Probably in that order

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Being a Dad
Prepping stuff
Community Involvement

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Very cool @gorillapaws I home brewed for many years! Those were some really fun times. I got a ton of tips I could share. First one is learn to mash over extract brewing. World of difference and not all that hard to do. I used to grow my own hops. My biggest gain was I found out that feed for racing pigeons is high quality barley that I could buy at a fraction of the cost in home brew stores and was able to brew bottles of really good beer at a cost of $.07 per bottle.

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@josie Thems some high caliber things you are a fan of.

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Agreed @Coolhandluke No sports team or band can hold a candle to being a dad.

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@Vignette Thank you for the tip! I will definetly have to check out I’ve been using Brewer’s Best Extract Kits with mostly excellent results (we don’t talk about the witbier that pulled in a liter of sanitizer from the blowoff when I tried cold crashing for the first time). The cold-side fermentation process has been my biggest focus thus far. I’m just trying to nail down my process, equipment, cleaning, etc. I bought a corny keg to skip all of the bottling. It’s working well so far after a few lessons learned.

I’m planning on going electric for my mash/boil, and easing into all grain brewing via brew-in-a-bag at first (Hopefully early 2020). If all goes well, I’ll keep investing in more equipment until one of two things happen: A) my wife kills me, or B) I get my full 3 vessel all-grain RIMS setup assembled and cranking out delicious brews for myself and my friends.

All grain is particularly exciting to me because I love beer with interesting malt characteristics. I love English beers with the biscuity, toasty and toffee flavors, especially when served with a Nitro tap. One of my ambitions is to develop the perfect English Ale recipe for my tastes. I plan to always keep this on tap, and have a second keg running with other stuff to learn with, experiment on and share.

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@gorillapaws English Ales are the holy grail to me as are the Tripples. You have to hit that sweet spot with darker grains but so fun to experiment on those. You are one ahead of me on the kegging something I never progressed too. I was too piss poor to buy any real equipment and made most of my mashing gear from scratch.

I did a ice brew one time that reduce a carboy down to 2 quart of liquor. Let that sit for a year and OH BOY! Brew a Meade when you get bored super simple and super yummy! When you do start mashing do not be afraid to try cereal grains ie. rice and corn as it can be a nice break to get a yummy lighter beer now and then. I did a beer once I called the Breakfast of Champions that had Cheerios, Rice Crispies, Cornflakes, Oats, the usual barley but it was really quite tasty! I don’t brew anymore but if I did I would be heading in the same direction you are. Have fun with it!

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Mainly my country, politics, trying to figure out this mess. History. Not nutty, just very interesting.

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The band Caravan. I just enjoy the music and the band are friends of mine. I don’t have a costume, but I have several t-shirts and a coffee mug. There is no fan club in North America, but only because I’m too lazy to form one.

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Being a nonconformist.
Being an enigma to people.
I Love Quotations.
Ask weird off the wall questions.
In my stories, love rarely works out for the hero.

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