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My Blu ray player is not connecting to the internet?

Asked by TheSpiderWeb (164points) 1 month ago

Hi, Fluthers, even through my player connects to the internet on the smart TV, it does not work on the non smart TV despite it working in the past. I even used the smart one to perform the latest update, but when I plugged it back into the non smart TV, it still came up with the message (connection failed: device error)

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Maybe the Blu Ray player got an update (when connected via smart TV to the internet) that made it that he doesn’t recognize older TVs no longer.

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My player is the Panasonic UB820.

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Sometimes when electrical things don’t connect it is the cable, try another cable.

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You really need to get help from the manufacturer of the system. Look up the system online, check YouTube for a how to or call tech support. We can only make general guesses when you probably need specifics.

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It is ok, the cause was found to be a weak signal.

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