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Has your parents or guardians (babysitters. teachers ect) ever been blamed for not supervising you when you made a mistake?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16103points) 1 month ago

What punishments did they get? What punishments did you get?
For example: I was curious when I was two years old into how the toilet worked and I dropped the lid into the toilet and broke it, with water everywhere. My older sister , who was supervising me, got the blame and nothing happened to me.
Do you remember any similar stories when you where young?

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My daughter frequently got reprimanded at school for being rowdy. I warned each of her teachers the beginning of the school seasons that if she was not kept busy, she would find her own busy. I was given a scolding one day because she was being a distraction, so she was put in the hall, where she carved a tic tac toe game on the outside of the wood door. I scolded them right back that because she is much brighter than the other kids, she was frequently overlooked if she needed help. I pointed out to them that I had warned teacher and other staff she needed to be kept challenged. They gave me grief over what should they do. I told them to have her read a phone book. She often felt the teacher gave attention only to the struggling students.
I lectured them constantly about letting my daughter stagnate in class.
When we got home, though, I made it clear to her where she had gone wrong.
Your sister should have been watching you, but you were naughty and should have gotten a talking to also.
By this time I imagine she has forgotten about it. Ease away from the guilt feelings. The reprimand she received did not last years, and so why should you be hurting over it so long?

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No. Which is a bit surprising because my mom was pretty bad about wanting to lay the blame on other people for our transgressions. Dad wouldn’t allow it. We had to take responsibility for our own behaviour.

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No, my parents said if you do the crime, you do the time. So, if I did it, they didn’t pass the blame onto the innocent. I did it so I got punished. I had a younger brother who seemed to stay in trouble. I’d feel sorry for him and often take the blame for whatever he had done wrong. If my parents found out what I had done, I got punished for lying to them and my brother got punished twice, once for doing it and again for allowing me to take the blame for what he had done.

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Not that I can recall.

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