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Can gout produce serious complications?

Asked by TerenceBlacker (16points) December 9th, 2019

I used to experience severe joint pain at the base of my toe. I was wondering what might be the reason. Finally I got to know that I am suffering from a condition called gout. Can gout lead to serious complications?

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Gout is caused by increased uric acid levels that cause crystals to percipitate out of the blood and lodge in the joint tissue. There are medications one can take that reduce uric acid levels. It’s my understanding that maintaining high uric acid levels can cause damage to the kidneys, so it’s worth seeing a doctor. Best of luck.

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@gorillapaws has it mostly right. Gout is most often the sign of other problems that manifest themselves with the pain of gout.

If you address the other problems (eat less fish, lose weight, and so on) the gout can go away by itself.

Having said that, a gout flareup can be incredibly annoying.

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@elbanditoroso Gout is most commonly caused by genetic factors as I understand it. Modifying your diet may help, but if your body is genetically predisposed to this condition, medication is generally what doctors recommend.

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Untreated gout can also lead to kidney stones. You don’t want to go through passing a kidney stone if you can avoid it. See your doctor.

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Ditto @zenvelo. And the answer to the question is a decided YES.

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Eat less meat.

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