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If the organ recipient dies can the living donar reclaim his organ and have it re-implanted in him?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16096points) 1 month ago

Like a kidney? To keep fresh until it is needed for someone else, or just to keep?

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Once you give something away, it’s not yours any more. It’s gone baby, gone.

Sort of like trying to get the diamond engagement ring back after the breakup.

Anyway, it never was truly yours anyway since you can’t sell it to anybody.

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Most donars are dead.

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No, that doesn’t even make sense.

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Generally speaking the organ donor is dead by the time the organ is donated.

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Not in the case of kidneys. @RedDeerGuy1’s question is legitimate.

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Living donors can give a whole kidney, a lobe of the liver, a whole or part of a lung. There may be other things (part of a pancreas, I think I heard somewhere).
If the recipient dies during the implantation process, they try to find a close enough second match within the available time frame for viability.

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