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What’s the best way to eat Cheerios?

Asked by josie (30931points) December 9th, 2019

I bought some yesterday.

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With milk and a spoon? Use a big spoon to get more milk.

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In your imagination.

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Cheerios are good! Quick and easy.

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The best way is to return it and get a non-GMO non-glysophate-laced alternative brand.

Then put those is a bowl and add some milk and do the spoon thing.

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With a trail mix as a snack treat.

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What about what you put on the Cheerios. Like strawberries or something?

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In Chex party mix.

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A little bit of sugar or dried or fresh chopped strawberries of blueberries can be good (for some tastes) on (non-GMO non-glysophate-laced) Joe’s O’s.

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Right out of the box.

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String them on red shoe lace candy.

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