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What is something you really wanted to like?

Asked by raum (6649points) 1 month ago from iPhone

But just couldn’t?

Why did you want to like it?
Why do you think you just couldn’t?

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Blueberries. They’re supposed to be good for you.

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Seinfeld. I tried and tried. So many people really really seemed to enjoy it, and some would even get angry because I didn’t. I never criticized it, I just said that I couldn’t get into it. Apparently those were fightin’ words.

I found it validly juvenile.

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^^I couldn’t get into Friends or Cheers. I watched them, because other people I lived with liked the shows, but I never loved either show.

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Damn you autocorrect, I meant to say “vapidly” juvenile.

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I wanted to like Mochi. But the texture just does nothing for me.

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I wanted to like the movie Rocket Man because I loved Bohemian Rhapsody and the bands were in my generation. But I hated the movie.

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Oat milk. I can tolerate it, but I wish I really liked it. Also, many social gatherings that seem obligatory.

That’s really unhelpful, @canidmajor. Please try to think of all those for whom English is a second language. I already adopted “validly juvenile” as a new and enticing idiom. ~

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One thing I did not really “want to like”, but that baffled me by how popular it was:
“Big Bang Theory”. I saw some clips of it, and it was some of the most unfunny garbage I had ever seen.

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In theory, they’re fine.
In reality though, they make my teeth itch.
You can’t beat a good firm knocker, classic rasp!

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I wish I liked beer, but I don’t. I never have. My friends have always liked it, my dad is into home-brewing, I’m a millennial so I’m supposed to love “craft beer”, but the closest I’ve gotten to liking it is trying some that I’ve found “tolerable” but even then I could not drink much of it and I would much rather be drinking something else. Beer just doesn’t do it for me. It often makes me nauseous. Maybe I was traumatized by the cheap beer that all the frat parties had when I was in college, but I can’t seem to like good stuff either.

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