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What do women want?

Asked by RabidWolf (837points) 1 month ago

Do they want a guy who is a romantic, but is also a fierce protector? Candlelit dinners, soft music, and the look that tells you that you’re the greatest thing to ever come into his life.

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To be treated as individuals with their own particular desires instead of as interchangeable machines.

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@RabidWolf I mean no disrespect when I say this, but the question itself is stupid, and framing it that way will usually lead to failure (assuming the goal is to find companionship). Let me clarify. To state the obvious, women are people so the answer to what do people want is going to get a very similar answer to the question you’re asking, with a huge variety of answers.

Thinking of women as some collective separate species is generally going to lead to the wrong approach. Just treat each individual woman as a person, with her own wants and needs and you’re going to be off to a better start.

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Different women want different things. No two are alike. If you want to connect with a certain woman, get to know her and know her likes and dislikes.

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More than anything, women want security, a man who makes them feel secure. I suppose I should add “generally speaking.”

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Stop seeing them as women, they’re friends first then if two people click, their lovely womanly parts come into play.
All good things come to those who wait!

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Another thing to remember is that if she’s not into you, then there’s not much you can do to change it. Hollywood has sold a lot of guys this lie that they can somehow “win over” a girl that’s not into him via X, Y and/or Z. That basically never actually happens in real life.

To understand why, do a thought experiment. Imagine a female who you were not sexually attracted to, as in, you wouldn’t have sex with her even if you were drunk. Now, is there anything she could do, say or give to you that would make you want to sleep with her? It’s conceivable that you might agree to do if if the payoff was big enough, but you’d never WANT to do it no matter what she did, right?

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I always wanted a best friend who shared my goals and was into me, and showed It. I can provide my own financial security and protection, thank you very much. Being understood, supported emotionally and somewhat treasured are the ideals imo.

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All kinds of stuff, some of which might align with what you like.
That’s a start.

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Why would you think all women want the same things? What do YOU want? Start there.

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It’s NOT that difficult. We want to be loved, respected, & treated as an individual!!! I NEVER wanted a “yes” man, but I also didn’t want one who challenged every thought that I had!!! As I’m sure has already been pointed out, EVERY female is different & needs different things. So, the best that I can tell you is BE YOURSELF & IF it’s not enough…move on!!! Turning yourself into something that you’re not will BACKFIRE big time!!!

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Never gave it any thought. People are people. Anyway thinking interferes with my drinking habit. How’d I land on this lovey dovey thread anyway?

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