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Have you sent any love notes lately?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (32415points) 1 month ago

Maybe you need to get on that before you’re fired.
Here is some help if you need it.

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@Coolhandluke -I just sent one off to my husband with the help of that link.
It is a beautiful thing.
I hope he doesn’t forget where I live.

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Not lately.
Now I feel bad.

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@josie Use that link and get on it!

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Thanks for the link. Without it, I probably would never have messaged my husband saying:

You have eyes like caring potatoes and the most cute face I’ve ever seen. When I look at you, I just want to squeeze those caring potatoe eyes and love that cute face.

Finally he knows how I really feel. The world is a better place now.

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@longgone For a second, I thought you were flirting.It’s that beautiful!XD

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Oh Felicity, Felicity
You fill me with electricity
My heart goes boom
When you enter the room
Tee dum dee doo
Diddly deedee doo do

Gosh that ending needs some work!

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Nope. No adult that I love romantically.

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@elbanditoroso -Save that link in case you need to fire off a letter.

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How old are you- like 10?

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By the way, your help thingy is useless. Try this one: Come away with me, we’ll go lodge with my fleas in the hills. I mean, we’ll flea to my lodge in the hills. Go on, use it. But don’t hunt me down and kill me if it doesn’t work. Your welcome.

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In a round about way. It was on Facebook. Some twerpy 4 year old set the lock on the bedroom door to “lock.” After they left we went to dinner. We shut the bedroom door to keep Cato out. When we got home we… couldn’t get in the bedroom. The small flat head screwdriver didn’t work. Credit card didn’t work. Rick had to practically take the door jamb apart!.

On FB I said, ”In case it’s not clear, that’s a pry bar on the chair. Rick basically had to take the door frame apart to break in to our bedroom.
Pretty sure it was (4 year old) Cooper. It’s the dastardly kind of thing Chris (his dad) would have done.
Those little goblins are really lucky that we love them so much.”

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