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In your opinion, who is the most eloquent president we've ever had?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44144points) December 10th, 2019

As asked.

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I would say JFK’s speeches or Abraham Lincoln.

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Clearly Drumpf.
He has the best words.

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JFK. Not only well educated, but he had an appreciation for poetry.

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Not after that lobotomy.

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JFK was mesmerizing.

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FDR was pretty excellent.

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Roosevelt was very good also, although I would have preferred if he had spoken a little faster.

In interviews Clinton was great. I’ve read he purposefully dumbed down his speeches a little to be more informal for the masses.

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Clinton was crazy smart, too.

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I actually love listening to Jimmy Carter post presidency. I think he is such a loving man, and a good man. My husband got to see him when he was in Nashville. He almost didn’t go, because it was a rainy night, and I gave him the what for! He said he would go “for” me. He was so happy he did.

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I have seen videos of JFK’s speeches and press conferences, and I think he was pretty impressive as a speaker.

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Clinton was pretty erudite.

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Abraham Lincoln

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I can only speak to those I have heard throughout my life and some which I read. before my life time. I think in my generation. Clinton. Kennedy was pretty good, but listening to some of his speeches there seemed to be something missing. I can’t put my finger on it.
Now for writings I think Lincoln and Washington came across as educated and humble at the same time. In their writings I could see that they both took the office of the Presidency humbling.

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I know what you mean @Pandora. Kennedy didn’t sound 100% sincere. It was like he was reading a script (which they all were) and he did a passable job of acting sincere.

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I don’t know about eloquence, but I have always liked Lincoln for his quick wit, folksiness, and the fact that he was non judgemental and could see things in a person that others could not. He was confronted once by some politicos and generals who were complaining about Grant having a drinking problem..Lincoln asked what brand of whisky Grant liked. When told that they didn’t know, he said, “Well find out and send a bottle of it to my other generals”.

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