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Are you tired of the sun having set by 5:00pm? Are you ready for longer days?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30570points) December 10th, 2019

I’m on the west side of the Eastern time zone, so my friends in New England are suffering at least as much as I am.

It’s almost the Winter Solstice and says will start getting longer again in a little more than a week.

Are you tired of waking up and it’s still dark, and leaving work and it’s dark?

Are you ready for more hours of daylight?

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Yesterday the sun set at 4 brought on by dark rain clouds. Trying to enjoy that instead by sipping coffee and having one donut in a coffee shop.

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It’s hard to see the days get shorter and shorter. But when that blessed day comes when the days start getting longer, my attitude takes a major leap to the positive!

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I do miss the longer days but think winter is beautiful for many reasons.
I don’t get overheated.
I can see and photograph birds & other wildlife so much easier.
No bugs.
It’s so peaceful & quiet on these walks and when the sun does come out and there is hoarfrost: it is magic!

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Out west here it’s dark by 4pm, and yeah it sucks big time.

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Oregon. Dark at 5pm and raining all day. But awesome. I love it. It is sort of like how I enjoy doing laundry. Technically, you are doing laundry while the machines do all the work. So I can do five loads and feel like I was actually working all day. But in reality, I only did about 20 minutes of actual work.

I woke up this morning and went upstairs to make tea and looked out the window and saw it was pouring outside. Bingo, there was my excuse to spend four hours making sauce. And now it is 6:45PM and I have two big casserole dishes of lasagna. Minimal work, but technically something was always going on.

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Oh, yes I am. It feels like it’s midnight at 6pm. Then again I am never ready for the shorter winter days. However WA state is probably no longer doing DST now.

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It seems that I can’t be made happy. I was so freaking tired of the sun staying up to 9:00–9:30 every night. Now I’m whining about it going down at 5:00–5:30. I’ll be so happy when Dec 21 has arrived!

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No. I enjoy the longer feeding hours. ;-)

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Made me laugh. Try living in Alaska where today’s sunrise was 10:05 AM with sunset at 3:38 PM. And we lose a couple more minutes tomorrow and every day till Solstice. Then, yeah, we start gaining time again, albeit only it seems so freaking slow after winter dark. ;)

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Yeah.. Alaska is going to make us all look like wimps..

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LOL…. You read my mind, johnpowell.

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I like this time of year. I’m not in a hurry for the return of more sun and warmer weather.

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Oddly enough, tho’ I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t here in Alaska for the endless daylight in the summers, I do enjoy the winters. Tough when it’s frigid outside but with the climate change going on, I think we’re not always that at odds with the rest of North America, at least. It is absolutely amazing to be out on a clear, dark night and see not just the Northern Lights dancing above you, sometimes even reflecting off the snow, but on the clearest of nights the Milky Way is incredible. Even on nights without the special effects, so to speak, if we have a clear night and good moon, you can see to walk outside without a flashlight. Pretty incredible place, Alaska is. (Gads, I’m talking like Yoda)

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Yes! This past month I have really felt the short days. Just a week ago I posted in Facebook my anticipation of the winter solstice and the days lengthening again, and a friend posted a link that where I live we already have started later sunsets—thank goodness. I haven’t noticed it yet, but I’m happy we have a head start.

@AlaskaTundrea Thank you for that visual. Sounds beautiful.

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I would be more than happy with eternal darkness.

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Southern NY, the sun is coming up a little after 7 now and it starts getting dark around 4. Totally dark when I leave work around 5. I don’t mind this so much, because it’s still not too snowy. Once January comes and we have more of a threat of snow, that’s a drag.

This morning there’s a 3 hour delay at school because of rain and freezing roads. Nice to not have to rush today. Most mornings are hectic with getting my daughter to school and having to get ready for work.

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Seeing the Milky Way is better than eating a donut.

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Yes, I need the sun and my Vitamin D. Sometimes on lunch or break, I just bask in it, since it’s too dark before and after work. What I really hate is the interference in my non-gym workouts. Not safe to run/walk in the dark alone as a woman. Boo!

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No, it is what it is & no amount of whining will change dear old mother nature, she’s a stubborn bitch!

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