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In what order did you graduate from high school?

Asked by tedibear (18436points) August 30th, 2008

I’m curious to discover if anyone else graduated in the order the my very looks conscious high school did. We graduated boy girl boy girl by HEIGHT. Yes, height. Anyone else find this a little odd? How did you graduate?

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That was the way we were called onto the stage, so the Principal could hand us our diplomas.

August 30, 2008, 4:06 PM EDT

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Umm….the ceremony where we got our business-school (Danish school system) certificates is all a big blur to me, thanks to partying through the night and just barely having time to shower, change and brush my teeth before attending the ceremony….but I think we were called up alphabetically by class, then surname.

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Randomly, by homeroom. It was weird. I was the name reader. We had everyone write their names on a card and pass up the cards in order as we walked up to the stage. I read off the cards.

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well I won’t be graduating until may, but my school always goes alphabetically. pretty boring.

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Alphabetical. That boy, girl height thing is kinda weird.

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Baseball legend Casey Stengel once ordered his players to “line up alphabetically, according to your height.”

August 30, 2008, 4:20 PM EDT

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alphabetical. I had to sit next to the one kid in every graduating class you just know is going to be a serial killer. LOL

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I didn’t do the ceremony thing, but when my brother graduated I believe it was based on honors first then alphabetical….

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We walked down the aisle and sat in rows by height, but our names were called alphabetically. Best of both worlds?

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It was alphabetical for me…which is the most sound way of doing it IMO. But if I could go back and do it all over again…I would ask for diploma in the mail. Graduation day is one long, boring process. I graduate college in May next year, and I am doing diploma in the mail for that.

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Alphabetical, I didn’t know there was any other way, until now. In college we did it the same way.

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wouldn’t it be a huge hassle to arrange by highth?
our highschool isn’t THAT big but our senior class is about 500+ kids and that just seems unnecessary and like it wouldn’t take forever

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Apphabetical for me….but at least your way, I’d have been in the front of the line…if they started at 5 feet TALL! [and I’m of average height cause it’s a range and it starts at 5 feet and ends at 5’5”] Can you tell, I’ve given that speech before???

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If you arrange by height, do you sort the order on the day or prior to it? If you do it prior to the ceremony, does that mean all the girls will have to wear same size heels as they did when they were sorted?

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@wildflower- good points!

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Alphabetical. Thank goodness. There was some talk of doing it reverse alphabetical my year, no good at all. We had “letter captains” or something—students in charge of our part of the alphabet. They also served as the captains of our class prank (which was played on the principal).

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Wouldn’t the height thing also vary by who woke up latest, because you’re taller when you first wake up? Two people who were close in height, and one had just woke up before the ceremony, would technically be taller, and throw everything off.

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At rehearsal the day before we had to wear the shoes that we would wear for graduation the next day. Then we had to remember who we were standing next to the following day.

@generalspecific – Yes, it was a hassle.) Although I’ll say that my “boy” placement wouldn’t have been any better alphabetically!) LoL! There were about 220 of us at the ceremony.

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