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Best source for royalty-free/copyleft/creative commons music?

Asked by organicreform (8points) August 30th, 2008

I am a freelance video journalist/indie filmmaker and was hoping that someone out there could point me in the right direction. I’m looking to find royalty-free/copyleft/creative commons music (the idea is that once I sell my video pieces, I can give the musicians a cut of the profit). For example, sites like Current TV or LonelyPlanet TV. Here’s a short video I made asking the same question…

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ps. i reccomend the heavens and the album changes in mind by the golden dawn :)

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Both require sign-up but are free of charge…

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Also a commercial site ilike iTunes for pro DJs etc.:

Also other commercial library companies:

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I can also reccommend the Internet Archive, they keep a lot of ‘netlabel’ stuff on there.

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Jamendo, of course. The number one top spot. I find it very difficult to find good music on there (in fact, I never managed to), but they definitely have the biggest offering.

Also be sure to check out , a directory of CC-targeted audio sites.

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Why not pay one small up front fee, get some really high quality music and forget about searching through huge libraries of less than usable music and paying a fee for every video you sell.

Take a look at:

No performing rights fee required either one these sites.

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It is a new platform that let’s musicians and organizations post their music under the creative commons license.

I would like to add that there are many different creative commons licenses and not all of them allow you to use the music for commercial purposes (even if you intend to pay the artist…)
check out He has some great tracks under a very unrestricted license (which means that you can use them even for commercial purposes..

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I agree with axgrindr, it is easier to just pay for royalty free music upfront. I’ve had good luck using . Another option that may work is finding a composer you like on Myspace or Facebook and work out a deal with them individually.

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Oh yeah… I recently fell in love with Some great stuff there.

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My favorite is totally royalty free, creative commons, great stuff!

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All sorts of royalty free music at SFXsource Sound Effect and Royalty Free Music Library

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