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Have you ever found unclaimed funds for your or a family member?

Asked by Snoopy (5793points) August 30th, 2008

I have previously found funds through a state’s unclaimed funds site…...and did again today via which searches mutliple states’ databases.

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My sister – shout out to Gimmedat – has found money for lots of people in our family, including me. Very cool!

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I found about $25 in a deceased family members’ name a few years ago….and today….money in another family member’s name. :)

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I didn’t know about that site. Cool…thanks for sharing Snoopy!

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there are other sites that are similar, just make sure you check all the states you have lived in because most of those sites do not run a nationwide database

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@cheeb. From what I can tell this is a compilation site that is shared by all of the participating states’ treasuries.

For anyone looking at other sites….make sure you are on a state’s legit site. You should NEVER have to pay a fee to recover your money….unless of course you are too lazy to search for yourself. If that is the case there are legit companies who will search for you for a percentage/fee.

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I found $12,000 in unclaimed funds for a friend, helped her file the claim and secure the funds. She was the beneficiary on her late father’s bank account. The bank made no effort to advise her of this and utilized the money through the wait period before turning over to the state’s unclaimed funds system.

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@what WOW!

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What exactly does this site do?

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You can also visit individual states by going to:

Then, click on whichever state you prefer.

August 30, 2008, 8:03 PM EDT

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I tried several years ago, but found none :(

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Try again.

Money turns up for folks, every single day.

You never know, until you check.

August 30, 2008, 8:06 PM EDT

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I got about $450.

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@Jack. You can also get to individual states via

Just click on a state on the map on the site and it links you directly to the state site.

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Yes, but Missing Money does not have California as one of the states you can search.

To search California, you must go to:

August 30, 2008, 11:34 PM EDT

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Am I the only one that think this is stupid?

It doesn’t even tell you much.

Over 100 – what $103?
Under 100 – 14 pennies?
Unknown – wut?

Not worth my time.

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The reason it doesn’t reveal specifics (some state websites do) is to protect the privacy of the rightful owner.

The exact amount is revealed to the proper owner, when s/he initiates the filing process.

August 31, 2008, 1:30 AM EDT

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@crunch. A few years ago, when my home state did not participate w/, they only had their own site. On that site, they did put exactly how much money was in the person’s name. For my grandpa, it wasn’t about getting the money as much as it was cleaning up his finances, so that wasn’t “floating” out there in his name.

….but “what’s” example above about a $12 K recovery? I think that would be worth someone’s time :)

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Update. I just got notice on a claim for my husband that they say the money in question is his….the amount is close to $1000.

Whoa! and

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After I saw this, I did do a search and found my son’s paternal grandparents name. They are deceased, and resided in another state at the end of their lives. I didn’t have the information they wanted to file a claim, so I sent an email regarding what I know about them and that side of the family. I haven’t heard anything since, and don’t know if they bother to investigate when given new information.

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@hearkat I have claimed stuff twice as above…it has been my experience that they want contact w/ only the person who has a legal right to the money….If you can prove that you are the “next in line” legitamate heir, I would follow up…

Our original claim was sent in two months ago. All we had was a name that matched my husband’s in a state that he once lived w/ a bank that he had once banked at…no amount, no way for us to see if it was worth our effort. Further we had no reason to believe that there was any money to be had…it was a shot in the dark.

Now, today, they have sent us a paper saying ok, we believe this is you…here is the amount, here is the account number. Show us something w/ this account number on it from the bank w/ his name. Get it certified. And then they will review further.

It is a pain. But for $1000? I am definitely following through…... :)

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The claim form they had online said you had to be the person named. So I sent an email explaining that both are deceased, I gave the last known city of their only surviving child, and that at least four of the five living grandchildren reside in NJ.

I would guess that my son’s Aunt would be entiled to it. Or if the specified for their estates to be split between their heirs, he may get a little. As for the amount, both just said they were “more than $100” so who knows? To the best of my knowledge, they had next to nothing, so I was surprised to find thair names and don’t expect that it’s a substantial amount.

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I checked this site before and found money for a nephew and for my uncle. Nothing for me though. :(

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Update: We have received one check for almost $1000 and expect a second one in 1–2 weeks. WOW!

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Sweeeeet! Excellent timing, too!

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