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What do you think would happen if the US attacked Canada without reason in early 2020?

Asked by LucyL (40points) December 12th, 2019

Let’s say sometime in January/February 2020 the US decides to attack Canada for no reason, What do you think would happen all over the world when this news drops. What do you think the outcome of this war would be?

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I’m sorry but why even go there? I don’t believe in warmongering – we have enough problems as it is.

But – welcome to Fluther!

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There would be a worldwide crisis, as global trade got disrupted, and further problems as the US became isolated.

Other countries would have to “choose”, but no one would choose a country that attacked a neighbor for no reason.

And, there would be significant disruption in the US by people protesting.

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The Canadians would apologize for defending.

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About as much chance of that happening as making Greenland our 52nd state.

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Canada would be poutine it’s well being on the line.

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The Canadians would burn down the white house. Again.

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The US immediately would be at war with the Commonwealth, which is 50 or so countries, a couple of which have nukes and about 2 billion people. This includes England, Australia and India all of whom make tough soldiers whom I personally would not like to be on the bad side of.
Talk about stupid.
It would not be good one way or the other.

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Canada would immediately rescind their socialized medicine and move to private insurance.

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@LucyL “What do you think would happen if the US attacked Canada without reason in early 2020?”

The unreasonable nature of the incursion and the concomitant superior syntax, dialectic diction, and powers of pellucid polemics available to the Canadian forces would persuade the US to concede, breaking the previous record for shortest war by 35 minutes.

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I would have to go to Canada and fight on their side (seeing as how the question is ludicrous.)

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There’d be a huge snowball fight!

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Canada would cut the US off from its oil. So you know that’s not going to happen.

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NATO and the United Nations would side with Canada. There would probably not be a classical war. But the internet outside of the US would be shut off for people inside the United States. You might be sitting there going “why the fuck do I care”... It isn’t about you. It is about Google and Facebook. If 50% of their revenue vanished overnight it would be a shitshow. There would be severe economic damage. And that is just the internet stuff. Tariffs are the new tanks. The United States would become Alabama without international commerce.

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Well the Republicans would instantly spin it as Canada’s fault and they had no choice.

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I can remember when I would have found this idea ludicrous. Now I say don’t be giving trump any ideas. Welcome to Fluther

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