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Can I save money by buying a jumbo package of oatmeal?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19453points) December 12th, 2019

Vs. a box of instant oatmeal? Can you give me advice on how to cook non-instant oatmeal?

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Well jumbo packs of perishable items can go bad fairly quickly, especially if it’s just one person.

Read the directions on the box on how to cook it.

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Possibly, but if you’re going to have to add a bunch of shit to make it enjoyable to you then you might as well just buy the instant.

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I buy mine in huge boxes. There’s two bags in each box.
I use my oversize mugs and heat them in the microwave. You have to stay right there and watch it though. It will get a higher steam bubble and spill over the sides. The moment you see it start to move, open the microwave and might need to let it cook longer, check it to make certain it really is hot enough. Throw in a few raisins. It is great.
Isn’t oatmeal the greatest?! It is perfect during cold weather.

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Compare prices “per ounce” on each package to find the best value. If you aren’t going to use the contents within 3 – 6 months, package part of it in a baggie in the freezer.
The only difference between “instant” oats and regular is the amount of water and length if the heating.
I use part milk when I cook mine.

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Don’t you drink a fuckload of soda? Just saying that if you are looking to save cash, oatmeal is the wrong place to be looking. A days worth of Pepsi is a month of oatmeal.

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I personally think instant oatmeal tastes like boiled garbage. I do like steel cut or “Irish oats” you just have to be a little more patient as prep time is a little longer. I have that almost every morning for breakfast. You can get a large container and possibly save a little… I guess. It’s more important that you actually eat them.

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I don’t like oatmeal, so it wouldn’t save me any money!!! I guess it would depend on how much you eat & how often you eat it. Think you can eat it before it goes bad??? I do like oatmeal raisin cookies because it’s a healthier snack than most of what I eat & I don’t have to feel guilty eating it!!!

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Save money…depends I guess on how often you can consume it without buying other stuff?

I eat mine raw/ dry with almond milk, Splenda and two ice cubes.

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Maybe, but depends how often you eat oatmeal. However if you can find it in the bulk bins that might be better. My local health food store has it in the bins you bag yourself. then you take what you eat, and it’s sold by weight. If you can find it that way.

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Yes. I only buy one big jug of oats each winter. A little fruit or syrup is great, muchless sugar than the packets. Cost savings is quite large.

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Update just ate four servings of one-minute Quaker oats. Was good. No toppings. Is good. I am happy. Cooked in the microwave.

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Oh, I was wondering how that went.

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Yeah, don’t leave us hanging next time ok.

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