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Is a wig a strange thing? Will people find out I'm wearing a wig?

Asked by Joyforjoy (100points) December 12th, 2019

I started losing my hair a few months ago. I want to try to cover my hair loss with a wig.

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My husband used to wear a wig. People could tell it was, but hardly ever said anything about it.
I think wigs are very common, but it is considered rude to mention it unless you are a very close friend. The higher quality, more expensive wigs are less obvious.

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It depends on the type of wig and and how active you are.

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I had all my teeth removed on October the 12th of last year. Mouth cancer is a thing!.

But you would think this would be a problem and I would try to mask my lack of teeth. I embrace it. I don’t try to hold my lips together as I buy cheese at safeway.

Embrace your baldness. Hiding it is 100 times worse.

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@johnpowell That reminds me of a saying that goes something like this:

Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

It has been attributed to Dr. Seuss, but I’m not sure. Lots of truth in it, though.

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Wigs are a very common fashion accessory a la Dolly Parton, Kylie Jenner and half of America. I have about 10 myself. Its so not a big deal now, with fake nails, lashes, extensions, boobs, butt implants, etc…

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@2davidc8 Dr Seuss seems to get the credit, but it seems that Bernard M Baruch is who said it first. That saying was one of the first my dad taught me with the other being we are all made equal…we all put our pants on the same way, one leg at a time

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IF you can afford to buy a decent wig, it probably won’t be noticeable. A cheap wig looks ridiculous even when nobody says anything about it (to your face). I’ve found wigs to be very uncomfortable!!!

When my hair was thinning, I did tons of research & kept noticing that one remedy kept popping up…use Essential Oils (peppermint or rosemary) mixed in with your shampoo to help thicken your hair. This was when I was first getting interested in EO’s, so I tried it & it WORKED!!! Tea Tree Oil also helps. It’s been a little over a year & I now have a full, thick, head of hair. Even my hairdresser was asking me what I did to reverse the thinning I was going through :) It also seems that my natural curl has been returning. :)

IF you don’t like wearing a wig, you can always fall back & try the Essential Oil remedy!!!

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I don’t think it strange.
I imagine a good wig would look very natural and people wouldn’t be able to tell.

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I’d think that a good wig would look natural enough that nobody could know for sure. Pick one very close to your hair color so it’s not that different

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@Joyforjoy Or you can rock it and own it, pink, green, purple, nothing is out of line anymore.

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Most of the people who know you well will recognize that you are wearing a wig. There’s no avoiding it. But if you think about it, a wig is no different than a new haircut or painting your nails. You will quickly adjust to it as will everyone else. In no time at all your concern is going to shift from people spotting your wig to the foolishness involved with caring for it.

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@LadyMarissa Thank you for the correction.

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@KNOWITALL Although the rainbow colors are popular, I think they make the real hair look like a wig and the person wearing it to look ridiculous. I have a married couple as neighbors, hers is red and his is blue. I break out in laughter every time I see them. Can’t seem to hold it in

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@SEKA Sounds fun to me haha

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To each his own!!!

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Don’t mind too much on your hair loss. Focus on something meaningful, then you will get through it soon.

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What IF losing your hair is meaningful to you???

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