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Is slab construction better for cold climates?

Asked by JLeslie (64655points) December 13th, 2019 from iPhone

Is there less chance of a pipe bursting from the cold? If a pipe bursts is it a real pain to deal with in the slab, so then crawl space is better?

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I think so.A crawl space gives one an air dam but brings it own set of difficulties ( moisture,etc. )
I prefer it over a slab.

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The problem with slab in a cold climate is that, if the terrain is waterlogged and freezes badly, the ice underneath the home can expand and potentially break the slab. Unlikely, but not impossible.

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I’m from a mildly cold climate (short summers, 10–15 minus Celsius winters, generally wet), and we are, in a way, build on a swamp, and almost all houses that I know off have crawl spaces.

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A crawl space serves to insulate form the cold in the ground.

A burst pipe is a hell of a problem. When it happened in the fraternity house, they had to jackhammer the floor to get to it.

Also, there is no “give” to the floor, so it gets tiring being on your feet.

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One thing I like about slab is there is usually only one small step into the house. Another reason FL is good for the disabled and elderly.

I want to renovate my kitchen and with slab it’s a big pain.

I had slab in Memphis, but in Nashville it’s almost all crawl space; although, there are a lot of basement houses too. It got me thinking about the cold weather and the pipes.

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I would avoid the slab in building or remodeling a house if I planned on keeping it long term. Just the consideration of future access to infrastructure below the surface would justify the choice.

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Having owned a slab house with plumbing issues I will not have another slab unless it’s a basement slab where the plumbing is not routed through it.

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Today you see slab homes in colder climates but the foundation (below slab) is insulated…..that’s different from a slab home in the South.

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