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I just heard an interview with Wanda Sykes where she said "when it comes to Trump, the nation's comics are doing God's work". What do you think?

Asked by stanleybmanly (21147points) 1 month ago

This detail thing is NOT the most important part of a question

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Interesting comment.
Her reaction to her results on “Finding Your Roots” was more interesting to watch.

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True. Seems only comics are the only ones talking about the kids trump and his deplorable voters have in cages.

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I think someone like Wanda Sykes claiming any sort of work for God is astoundingly absurd.

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I reckon she let her mind wanda there!

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@KNOWITALL Please enlighten me. What is “someone like Wanda Sykes” like? I don’t know much about her.

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@janbb Flaming liberal with a filthy mouth.

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I guess you have a pretty narrow view of who can do G-d’s work.

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@janbb I guess you dont recognize her sarcasm.

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She’s nevertheless very funny and insightful when it comes to Stinky. Google her /trump for some clips devoid of bad words

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It’smitey likely that when it comes to the nation’s comics, Trump is doing god’s work (which by definition does not exist).

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Interesting, actually! I’d say the world’s comic are put him on the fool’s stage, front and center, with a spotlight on him, right where he belongs.

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I don’t think Sykes was being sarcastic. I suspect she meant that comics like Colbert, Seth Myers, Trevor Noah, and Jimmy Fallon are highlighting what they and she see as Trump’s destructive actions.

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A comedian’s act, is largely political. Think about Richard Pryor, or George Carlin. These are comedians, from decades ago .
I wouldn’t call it “God’s work,” but it opens eyes. That’s better than a religious text. That closes eyes…
So. The guestion, really asks “what is God’s work?”

That’s an intriguing question. And likely has multiple answers, from different people.

I like to think of such things, as an awakening point. A time where you question your faith, and it’s legitimacy. A HUMAN moment. An introspective moment.
Then, you draw your own conclusions, based on reality…Or your perception of reality….

They bring up things that most of us don’t think about

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