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What might you change the colour of, that for you, would make it better?

Asked by ucme (50037points) December 13th, 2019

The sky is red
The grass is yellow
Trump is black!! :D

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trump from orange to black and all neo Nazis everywhere…

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I’ve often pondered how it would improve the look of a cow if they were green & brown camo.

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Anything but that sky blue.I truly hate that color on anything but especially on this car.

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Pink clouds would be pretty.

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@lucillelucillelucille It looks rather like a teenager’s sneaker!
@chyna They would at that, be like floating candy floss…you guys call it cotton candy for some bizarre reason lol

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Weapons would all be pink, with dildo stencils all over it.

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Obviously these weapons would be cocked at all times.

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Everyones safe tap water would be clear.~ If it is brown chug it down . If it is black send it back.

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All colors of hair we have today would change to all colors of the rainbow.

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Anything beats ginger ;-}

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@rebbel, we have that already, in spray or wet dye.

For loli
Also this

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I changed my pic here to black & white.
My word I look stunning :D

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Bananas should be purple.

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Because they make you burp-le :D

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Rainbows and white plastic.

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I’d change the strawberry alarm clock to the colour of time.

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