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Does beer give you a headache?

Asked by nightwolf5 (2352points) December 13th, 2019

Not sure it’s what mine is from. I actually only drink a few 6 packs a year, so not really a drinker. I only have had one bottle a bit ago. I feel a slight headache now, but it could also just be me. It could effect individuals all differently I guess.

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Not at all. I don’t even get hangovers.

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Nope. Maybe drink a lot of water, often its dehydration for me.

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Not to sound too new-agey diet conscious, but you might be having a reaction to hops or barley. Some people manifest an allergic reaction to certain alcohols with a migraine type headache.

You have a very simple solution-choose to drink something else.

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From what you’ve described, I’d say that the headache is NOT from a hangover. Still, your body might react differently. I don’t like beer, so I seldom drink any. When I do, I get a quick rush from it & I tend to feel bad while coming off the rush. Still, it is nothing like the hangover I get when drinking too much liquor.

Before drinking beer, you might try eating some bread or mashed potatoes before you start drinking. This will help to absorb some of the alcohol instead of it going straight into your system. After drinking, you probably should greatly increase your water intake as alcohol does dehydrate your system & the water offsets that dehydration!!! I used to have a drinking buddy whose cure for a hangover was to drink 1 glass of water after EVERY alcoholic drink that she consumed. She swore by it, but I never tried it. You might want to try it to see IF it could help you.

Do some research on hangovers & see what other remedies might work best with your particular body. Just because it works for me & many others who drink, it doesn’t mean that it will be the perfect cure for you!!! On the other hand, just because it doesn’t work for me & many other drinkers, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t help you. Pay attention to your own body & you will be able to learn what it is that you need!!!

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Yes, some beers have a nasty bitterness that not only tastes bad to me, but can give me a headache, too.
Heineken always messes with me – headache or hiccups or upset stomach – besides it tastes like a soup made of a corrugated cardboard box to me and I quit drinking Heineken many years ago.
I am not much a fan of most of the hyper-hoppy micro-brews that try to be extreme to get noticed – well I notice and as far as I’m concerned FAIL.

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@LadyMarrisa nailed it. It’s dehydration. When dehydrated, the capillaries, in your brain, become constricted. That’s why caffeine, helps. Caffeine speeds up the heart rate, forcing the capillaries, to enlarge, because of increasing volume of blood flow. Therefore, stopping the headache…
Anatomy, physiology, and chemistry, at work…

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Thank you all. It definitely is the Amber beer. As I tried again, just drinking maybe half the bottle, and again I feel the same way with a headache. I could try bread, but I most likely just not going to be drinking this one anymore. Maybe it is something in it for this one that has this effect on me.

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I don’t drink beer—if I drink at all, I drink Smirnoff. Its more relaxing and sometimes helps with sleep problems. Never had a hangover or headache.

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Some do. IPAs that are real hoppy tend to give me headaches if I drink more than one. If I drink a lot without supplementing with water in between I will get a bit of a headache.

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Only if I drink too much.

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