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What small, nonutilitarian gift has a special place in your heart?

Asked by rebbel (30712points) 1 month ago

And what is it, and who gifted it to you?

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My husband gave me a rock. :)

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The first one that came to mind is a rock/sculpure with a green salamander etched into it. My husband gave it to me. It’s sleek and just looks nice, but it has a special significance, too: we’re fond of those animals because, the night before our wedding, we came across a bunch of fire salamanders.

While I’m not superstitious, I am enough of a romantic to notice mythological heralds of good fortune on the night before my wedding. And also, those guys look like miniature dinosaurs and that’s really quite cool.

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I wonder what them salamanders dislike about East Italy (and the Netherlands for that matter…)

I see a pattern here; I already know what I’m going to gift my girlfriend, as soon as she’s my wife!

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My Fluther 10 and 20K parties. For my RedDeerGuy1 and my TallJasperMan accounts.

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I have a large mug collection and my son got me a nice wolfhead mug. I put it next to the I LOVE MOM mug he gave me 20 years ago.

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A lovely brass dreidel a friend brought me back from Israel.

A heavy, brass Chinese dragon my wife got me in Guangzhou.

A very cool duct tape wallet my daughter made me when she was about ten.

All are in my office at work so I can see them all the time.

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I am not used to people being nice to me. ANY gift is a sacred thing, to me.
I have gifts, and their boxes, from years ago. It means more than I can articulate, that someone would give me anything. I got a loaf of bread once, from a girl I worked with. She said the yeast, had been in her family, for generations. I kept it in my freezer, for a few years.
I still have candles, from my ex. The boxes, and the candles. She gave me bamboo candle holders too. I still have them. They survived my 3 floods. I pretty much hate her now, but I kept those gifts….

I would kill someone who tried to take them. I’m a hopeless romantic…
I keep everything gifted to me….
And it’s a treasure… I don’t know what to say about that….

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