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What can you tell me about dryer balls?

Asked by stanleybmanly (21158points) 1 month ago from iPhone

The wife has always shunned products like bounce and those other strips designed to soften clothes in the dryer. Today she showed up with a box of tennis ball sized hollow balls covered in wool. Do any of you know about these things?

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Yes, a cottage we rented had them and we bought some and used them for a while. They are benign and I guess supposed the help the clothes from wrinkling but I’m not sure they did much. P.S. Fun fact – female dryers don’t have them.

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They’re HOOTTT!!!

Seriously, I’ve not tried them yet, but I have some friends who swear by them & others who swear that they’re junk. Many years back I tried the plastic dryer balls & they didn’t seem to do anything except wear out the material of the clothes I was drying, so I’ve not jumped on the latest dryer ball fad!!!

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They’re less prone to jock itch.
I don’t know what they do but I figure the less stuff I have to deal with the better off I am.

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@janbb I’m almost afraid to ask, but WHAT is a female dryer?

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^ One without balls!!! HaHaHa

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Oooo—I see.

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I’ve not been impressed with them. I really don’t see much difference

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Use a towel and follow up with a blow dryer….

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Towel in the dryer?

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Those balls work great of puffy type stuff like coats, parkas, pillows, comforters, etc.

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I never understood how those bounce strips work but they do. The wife won’t allow them in the dryer with anything that touches her or our food. What do the balls do? Do they beat the clothes into submission?Why the wool? Would regular tennis balls work as well? And plastic dryer balls? I’ve never seen those.

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@stanleybmanly. Your wife is wise, those bounce sheets release chemicals both for anti static effect and also to make your clothes “fragrant.”,

The dryer balls work by moving around in the clothes with some heft, allowing more air circulation around the material. Tennis balls work just as well.

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It’s not possible while riding a camel in Cairo!

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I’ve been told that you can crumple up several pieces of aluminum foil, turning them into balls, & they will work the same as the wool or tennis balls. I’ve not tried that one either so I can’t verify

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Not a fan of dryer sheets either.
We made our own dryer balls
out of orphaned socks.

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That seems like a great idea.

Do the sock balls also reduce static cling?

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Yup. Not as much as regular sheets. But enough for us. And good trade off cost and health wise.

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IF you’ll add a ¼ cup white vinegar to each load of laundry, it will cut down on static cling & you won’t need to use the dryer sheets. Those sheets clog dryers & assists in starting fires.

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