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Is one considered Illiterate if they can only read and write in a foreign language?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19440points) December 14th, 2019

That isn’t recognized by the new country?

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To be illiterate means one can’t write or read period.

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@all Well then we have it. It Is a no. Just wondering. Thanks all.

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Everyone reads and writes in a language that’s foreign to SOMEone—where they don’t speak our vernacular.

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@Yellowdog In high school I used to know fluent Klingon and I asked the university that I was eyeing on if It counts as a second language, and they said no. Now I only know a few words in Klingon, and a couple of words in real languages like Latin and Greek science terms.

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In my opinion. fictional languages from Star Wars, Star Trek, and Tolkien DO have some merit, as they take discipline to learn, and are constructed with culture and psychology in mind.

The problem, I suppose, is most are not well established enough to have set standards. People may learn these languages differently from a standard norm.

Maybe they should count as ¾ or 5/8 languages/

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Well Tolkien’s languages are better developed than most fictitious languages. They ought to be, considering his profession.

The “languages” in Star Wars are basically just random syllables slapped together.

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Well. I was a shitty Christian when I kind of called people out for speaking in tongues. But not to the whole church. Just to my best friend later. And now I’m going to hell.

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I’m truly astounded (though I probably shouldn’t be) by how many people really eat that shit up. As a kid I marvelled at how the adults in the church couldn’t see through such an obvious put-on.

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Or couldn’t?

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Couldn’t. Typo edited.

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