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Stop what you're doing for a moment & look down at your feet, describe what you see?

Asked by ucme (50037points) December 15th, 2019

Are you wearing shoes?
What are they like, colour/style?
Just socks, describe them.
Barefoot, any nail polish/tattoos?

This is not a foot fetish, just a random question, that’s all.
No need to let your mind wander into the gutter :D

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Some sickly looking fungi.

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Non-matching socks in black felt slippers.

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Felt clogs and white socks, about to be exchanged for shoes for going out for lunch.

Two reasonably functional ankles which I am very grateful for although one is semi-bionic.

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Black boots.

kritiper's avatar

Black shoes and socks.

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Some new, nice warm, wool-like cotton slippers…red in color with a white fleece lining. Tired of cold feet & I can’t go barefoot anyway. These are soooo freakin comfy that I’m beside myself!!!

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I’m bound to ask, how many of you needed to look down to confirm? :D

rebbel's avatar

My new boots from Quick!

lucillelucillelucille's avatar

@rebbel Can you run faster wih them on?

KNOWITALL's avatar

Fuzzy socks, white with pink hearts.

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@ucme I’m bound to answer…NOPE, didn’t need to look as I knew what I had on my feet as I had just put them on maybe 5–10 min before I saw this Q. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to show them off!!! Blush

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Black socks on a white tile floor. . (I had to check the sock color. The other option is gray. ) My socks are wet from being outside with improper footwear. I was in a bit of a rush and too lazy to put on waterproof boots.
Since I am all muddy now, I will take a shower and change my clothes.

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Cute feet with red toenails.

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Bare feet, no tattoos, no nail polish and up in the air resting.

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@LadyMarissa Cheers for taking the time to answer that.
Would’ve been interesting to see if folks had to look or not, but hey…my hopes weren’t high :D

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Thick grey and black socks and our lovely wood floor.

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@rebbel If those boots aren’t Quick, they’re not working.

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Grey ankle athletic socks brand name Puma. I taught Zumba this morning, and I still have my socks on. Usually, I’m barefoot in the house, but in the winter I do leave my socks on longer or use slippers quite a bit. Our winter is about 3 months here.

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@tedibear Hey, nice twist, only one to mention the floor…creative :D

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I didn’t have to look down, my feet are up.

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@ucme Check @LuckyGuy‘s response. His socks were in contrast to the floor!!! Black socks on a white tile floor Oops

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@LadyMarissa Ahh, but yours was the first you see. Therefore worthy of mention.

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@ucme I always wear black socks and shoes so didn’t have to look.

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@kritiper Cool cheers man!

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My bare feet are up on the recliner foot rest, under my laptop table so I can’t see them. I know my toenails need cut, without looking.

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Ugg slippers

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Size 13 hoofers in very small, white socks on my freshly mopped, hardwood floor.

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Exactly two feet.

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