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Do you have a lot of recipes?

Asked by Dutchess_III (41539points) 1 month ago

I don’t cook that much, but man, have I got a LOT of recipes! I have a few bread recipes, which I cook pretty regularly. I just found a recipe for Easy Tuscan Herb Artisan Bread, and I saved it.

I have a cookie recipe from my old girlfriend that I make once a year, at Christmas.

I also have a very yummy waffle recipe that I used to make fairly often (and hence learned the difference between waffles and pan cakes…)

I also have about 40 recipes from the internet, which I have saved on my computer, and at least 100+ hand written recipe cards, collected since the 80s, and several cookbooks. One cookbook was given to me by a neighbor in Florida in the early 60s.
Another of my cookbooks was printed in 1939. It’s crazy reading through it. You want fried chicken? First you gotta catch the chicken and break her neck. Then you have to pluck it….then it gives butchering instructions.

How many recipes do you have and do you cook many of them on a regular basis?

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I have tons of baking recipes.
I have a whole folder on my hard drive for baking stuff

General cooking I just… cook

You might ask how is it a heathen like @josie knows how to cook
Both of my parents said that everyone should know how to defend themselves, swim, and cook.

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I agree 100% with your parents. 10 year old children who can’t swim blow my mind.

My husband does most of the cooking. He also does most of the eating.

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Seems as it should be

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Boatloads. I have clipped recipes from magazines and the newspaper in boxes and folders. I have a gazillion, very organized recipes on Pinterest. And I have a lot of cookbooks.

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