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Did you used to count money when you were young?

Asked by windex (2932points) August 30th, 2008

After saving what seemed like a Lot of money to you from your first job/allowance/bithdays etc. did you ever sit down, count all the money you had saved up and get really happy?

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No, I looked at how much I had, then started planning what to spend it on.

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Yeah. I wish I could go back to that. Now I count all the money I have and get really sad.

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yes. I used to think 20$ was a fortune to me! Those were the good days..

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Oh yeah, especially if it was all change…but it always looked like more than it was!

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Occasionally, but my younger brother used to actually iron his $1 bills; he loved crisp money and I knew of no other kid who was that enamored with having it-Richey Rich was his idol.

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That’s so funny…is he now very picky about his clothes?

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When I was little (maybe 7 or 8), every friday after school I would go to my grandma’s house, and at the end of the visit she would give me $5. I always tried to save as much as possible (though spending a dollar or two at the dollar store from time to time). The night I counted $99 I was so happy. I borrowed $1 from my sister just so i could have $100 even.

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@petethepothead: uhhhhhhhhh :)

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Yeah, I have OCD about that; I save my most of my money, and I’m constantly counting and recounting it, and I always have.

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Yup I did. I was very proud. And the more I got the happier I was.

Then at christmas we would go to JC Penny’s and they had a special place for kids to shop where everything was marked down so it was affordable and we could buy our own gifts for our parents.

Cloud fricken 9

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Haha I remember I would collect pennies and throw then around in public places bragging about how much money I had. I would love to count.

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Used to? I still do. In the winter when it is nasty out, we will dump the big giant jar out w/ all the change and start rolling coins. It is amazing that “loose” change adds up to $200—$300 dollars. Very cool!

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I used to know exactly how much was in my wallet. Now I have no idea.

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hahaha yeahh yeahh

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