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What is one Christmas present you especially remember receiving as a child?

Asked by ucme (50037points) December 18th, 2019

One that stands out as particularly special/memorable.
A bike maybe or perhaps a doll or pet, I don’t know see, that’s why I ask!

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I loved my BIG bag of red pistachios. I hated but desperately needed an Old Spice grooming kit because I had a mustache and smelled with my early growth spurt at 12 years old. I should have kept it and asked my father how to use it.

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I was in the hospital over Christmas when I was 12. I nearly died from a botched operation. Santa himself brought me a stuffed dog that I had been saving my allowance for. After I recovered, I was able to use my allowance money to buy a really nice birthday present for myself.
(no, I didn’t believe in Santa, but it was really nice to see him.)

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A yellow bicycle.

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My Schwinn bike at age 9. And the Lionel electric train setup at age 10.

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I was very young and my friend’s mom called up on the 25th and said Santa left a gift for my sister and me under their tree! I remember being so excited and confused. Santa had never left anything for me before. I don’t remember the gift, I just remember being so excited. I don’t think any other gift or idea of a gift at Christmas time has ever whipped up my emotions like that again.

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Chatty Cathy doll. I wanted it so bad and got it! You pulled a string and she talked! Santa brought her so she was under our silver aluminum tree that had the rotating light aimed at it.

So, within hours, my middle brother tore her head off to see how she talked. It could not be put back on. I cried the rest of Christmas day.
Ah, such sweet memories.

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I remember receiving an electric keyboard for Christmas 1998 (so I would’ve been 7 years old). The memory sticks out to me because it was something I wanted more than anything and the present was so large that it was hiding in plain sight—it ended up being the last present I noticed and there’s cute home video footage of my astounded and exuberant reaction. :D

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Electric train.

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A little yellow kitten stuffed animal.

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Lite Brite!
In order to get us more than one gift each, my parents used to shop off brand stuff, not everything. Usually one would get a popular gift one year, the other would the next year, and then there would be three or four items each. The Lite Brite was tagged for the both of us, which means more of the other things. We both wanted it, and we both had a great time with it.
Eventually one of us left it on. The bulb was quite hot and melted a hole through the casing. I saved a bunch of the pegs. I wanted to keep them forever so it would never be completely gone.

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@chyna: That’s so sad.

For me it would be Christmas 1978 when I got the Star Wars Millennium Falcon ship/play set.

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Lego Monorail Set:

My grandpa was recovering from surgery at our house and we put it together—together.

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A G.I. Joe astronaut with his own space capsule.

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Cheers familiar folk of fluther!
I love asking questions like this, so long as it gives us endearing memories & nostalgia, I’m happy.

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