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What's the wildest conspiracy theory that ended up being true?

Asked by ihavereturned (711points) December 18th, 2019


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That Nixon was a crook.

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The CIA was importing cocaine into the US, and using the profits to finance secret wars in Central America.

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That the CIA toppled a democratically elected government in Iran, and installed a brutal pro-colonial dictator.

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That Trump is in the pay of the Russians.

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That the earth revolves around the sun.

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All good ones!

@elbanditoroso at the risk of being called a trump supporter, I’ll admit I still don’t believe that one. Thanks for the response though!

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@ihavereturned – you’re too impatient. Wait. It will be proven.

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@elbanditoroso i have been waiting for years. But okay I will wait a bit longer. I’m open minded.

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That so called UFO’s are actually Government experimenting with technology.
So unidentified Objects are now identified as instruments of government technology advancements and been tested.

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That the government has mind control technology

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@YARNLADY id like to learn more about this! do you have more info?

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Look up mind control on Google.

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