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How does anyone know who gave them a GA and who didn't?

Asked by flo (13313points) December 19th, 2019

Person A says to to person B “I’m giving you a GA for that answer” but not have the chance to do it. Another person gives it a GA but not announce it. So, no one can think so and so gave me a GA so and so did not. Is that correct or not?

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Only the Mods/Ben can see where things connect and come from.

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GA, @Tropical_Willie!
But did I lurve it, or did @flo?

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Or was I the one who lurved it? ;-)

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How do you lurve?

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If you’re saying that there is no way to know for sure where your GA comes from, that seems true. Unless we factor in that some users have an alternate account, and may be using that to lurve themselves (which is, of course, against the rules). In that case, if an answer receives just the one GA, the user would know where it came from – and that it did not come from anybody else.

@Tropical_Willie Mods know very little about lurve. We have some classified ways of detecting lurve gaming. But, for example, I have no idea who gave you those GAs up there – and no way to find out.

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@flo If no one gives you a GA, then you know that neither Person A or Person B gave you a GA.

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It can be figured out if one is diligent enough. If someone posts after your post and gives you a positive nod but you don’t get a lurve, make note of that person to see if they bypass you again. There are lots of times I get a lurve from someone but others that follow don’t seem to give any one any thing. And it’s obvious that some people here are not liked and it’s like there is a group of people, a fan group if you will, who will vote for a person who disses another. I get this a lot.

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@flo If I understand your question correctly, you “lurve” by clicking on the “Great Answer” following their name and that number.

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Is it a waste of energy to think about GAs sooooo much esp. if bullying people into giving you a GA.
@kritiper I understood “you “lurve” by clicking on the “Great Answer” part. What is the “name and number” part?

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By the way I remember @Jeruba? gave maybe a 5 line text theory about how to do the GA. If you do it this way then it’s more beneficial to you kind of thing.

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I am free with my Lurve. I give it to anyone that took the time to answer my questions, even if I disagree. I give it on threads to people who weren’t given lurve if I notice that every one else got GAs. I give it to old jellies that drop in for a few questions or answers just to show them they are lurved and missed. It doesn’t cost anything, it’s not worth anything, it’s just a nice thing to do. But to be sure, if someone asks a question and there are no GAs on any answers, then you know for a fact the person asking didn’t give a GA.

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I waited for someone to put into words how I feel about it.
@chyna, thank you for that :-)
I do as you do.

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But about being hostile to not being given a GA, or mistakenly jump to the conclusion that if you didn’t get it immediately you will not get a GA.

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@flo It didn’t appear to me that you understood…
Name and number part = kritiper (17782*)

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I’m reminded, as is often the case, that anyone who sets up an alternate account & then “lurves” themselves, is the ultimate wanker! :D

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@kritiper ” ‘Lurving’ is the same as giving a GA.’ ”? (question mark added.)

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Lurve also includes “GQ” – Great Question .

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@chyna @rebbel That is exactly how I feel. I give freely.
My mother taught me: ‘Tis better to give than receive.

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