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What are your views on abortion?

Asked by Lee_27 (348points) August 30th, 2008 from iPhone

Do you believe it to be immoral? Is there a certain situation you would think it is ok?

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Your question was previously asked.

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It’s the holocaust of the innocence. More died under it than Hitler’s Holocaust.

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what would you do if the father of said baby is pressuring you nonstop to get an abortion cause the baby doesnt fit into his plans at this time and is an inconvience?

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You’re the one carrying the baby, it’s entirely up to you. It’s not his place to tell you what to do with the growing child in your womb. If you really think that abortion is the best option, go for it, but if you only want it because he does, you should seriously reconsider. However, you should consider his input on it if his opinion is important to you, but don’t his opinion overpower yours.

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Personally am totally against it.

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I think if you don’t think you are capable to afford the baby and really love it and give it a good life why make the baby suffer his whole life. It would be better for the baby to have a new better life with someone who can give it what it needs and have a good life. I dont think abortion is so bad

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I dont know about anyone else but my mom was a single mother of 3 kids and worked like a dog to support us. When I look back on my childhood I was never unhappy due to not being able to have lots of stuff. Stuff isnt what matters, growing up in a loving enviornment is much more important.

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Sorry I should have answered better. For example your a teenager, it was a totall accident. They dont even want it and aren’t even ready for a baby. It would be better for the baby and you. The baby will move on to a next life with a mother who is ready and will love the baby forever.

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Wish I could get pregnant just so I could have one to piss the anti-choice people off.
Actually, I respect their view and can see what their point is, although I feel differently. I am firmly pro-choice. It’s not my body so I don’t see what right I have to tell someone what to do with theirs.

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@Lee, that is very true; having lots of stuff really doesn’t matter. However, will you be able to provide the necessities for you, the baby, and the father?

[I’m not trying to convince you to have an abortion, I’m just asking if supporting a family will be an issue/deciding factor.]

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When I said not able to give it anything or afford it I meant like the things it needs. Some people cant afford a baby at all. They starve it. Dont give it anything and act as if having a baby is a chore. It would be better to be ready.

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I am pro-choice.
I would much rather have a child not be born at all than born into a situation where it’s not wanted or unable to be taken care of or loved.
If everybody was born with the innate ability to make themselves happy and make the best of every situation (which I believe we are able to do but choose not because it is easier to be unhappy) than I would be pro-life.
I am also for spaying and neutering pets.

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Am single divorced mom and have 2 kids already. I don’t think I am ready for this baby and for everyone who is thinking should have used protection I was on pill. Its a scary decision.

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of course I would love my baby and provide all of its necassary needs. Even though this is not planned.

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@Lee, I’m sorry to hear about your situation. I wish you the best with whatever decision you go with.

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Hm, that’s a tough situation… Of course, a website should not make your decision.
I wish you luck in making your decision, and I hope that whatever you decide will be for the best.

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children are burdons best left for people who no longer value their development.

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We all poured our hearts out in the link to the question that flyaway has provided…

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i am pro choice. i feel very strongly that a woman should have the last word on what happens to her body, and nobody should make her have a baby she does not want. should a woman be made to give birth to a baby if she is raped? should a woman be made to give birth to a baby if her life is at stake? should a woman be made to give birth to a baby if she finds out it will have a major birth defect (like spina bifida)? if a woman is a drug addict and cannot take care of herself, or if she did drugs while she was pregnant, should she be forced to give birth?

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It is a cultural question. People eat the dead, circumcise young girls, polygamy, circumcise young men, eat afterbirth, and many other things… Our view on what a right and wrong is based on what works in the generational circumstance. We would not be here if this law was not upheld. I believe in euthenasia so naturally I believe in the killing of cells in body that unwanted. Cancer. I think people think this is a religious question, but the survival of the human race depends on the manipulation. Population. Ethics have a major role but this is obviously at the extreme.

I love babies. No joke.

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My views on abortion are PRIVATE.

That’s the way I always answer that question. No matter how I answer otherwise, someone, somewhere, will call for my assassination.

“Damned if ya do; damned if ya don’t.” You can’t “win” on this subject, ever. No one answer “fits all.”

August 31, 2008, 1:52 AM EDT

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I’m pro-choice, simply because preventative action doesn’t always work and that shouldn’t mean you have to take a direction in life that you don’t want to.
When it comes to making the decision, I think the father’s opinion should matter, but the pregnancy and having the child – if not in a committed relationship – will affect the mother far far more than the father, therefore she should have the final say.

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If it’s still in the womb, it’s not alive. kinda.

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