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Would it be an idea if someone threw @josie a party?

Asked by rebbel (31238points) December 20th, 2019

I mean, THE GUY HAS 30000 LURVE!!!!

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Congrats Josie.

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Congratulations to one of my favorite jellies!

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Well, you certianly have been working for it Josie. Congrats on the 30K!

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Congrats to you! Well done and may Christmas cheer come your way to add to the celebration!

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Congo rats @josie!

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Well deserved @josie! Congratulations and let’s get this party rolling!

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Props bud!

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I would go, but he has to buy the first round, ;>)

Maybe I’ll buy the next.

Nice job!

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Congrats @Josie

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Congrats! Come on down to the basement where some of us have brewed up a kettle of kickapoo joy juice and we’ll tie one on!

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Why not? Congrats!

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Dude, thanks for the party
I would like to believe I know plenty, but I’ll never KNOWITALL
Hope you know the feeling is mutual
Hey! That’s sort of my theme song. How did you know?
My grandpa said “Lion gotta hunt zebra, man gotta work”

Best to you and and Merry Christmas
Thanks. You definitely are a force to be reckoned with.
Bring the dogs to the party!
Thanks. Would love you as my wing man
It’s on me. Say where and when
Thanks for coming out. Tap in to your potential. Tomorrow.
Make sure you help me up the steps
Or why? Either way thanks.

Appreciate it. Wishing you all the happiest of holidays and a great New Year!

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Congratulations dude. Now you can take some time off for Christmas and New Years. Then you can kick it back into high gear for 2020

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Good plan. Wouldn’t want to peak too soon!

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Congratulations and a salute to a mainstay of our ship.

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I know you’ve put in a lot of hard work & it couldn’t happen to a better person…keep up the GREAT work!!!

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Thanks. Have a great Christmas!
Thanks. I’ll do my best! Have a great holiday!

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@josie We’ve jury rigged a hand cranked winch up through the old coal bin for ya. The bin is lined with old mattresses in case you fall out of our like-wise jury rigged sling. You’ll be fine. (We hope…)

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! I don’t know what happens in the 30K section of the mansion, but I hope you have a blast!

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Lots of stuff happens in the 30K section of the mansion. Naked pancake parties in the dark, for one.

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Congrats on the well desrved 30k.
I word of warning. If I have to buy all new clothes because I look like this (minus the tat) after a year of doing push-ups I’m sending you the bill! ;-)
Thanks for the inspiration.

Now drop and give me 20!

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Hope so too. Thanks for the mattresses
I’m a little nervous. What if they throw me out
Love pancakes!
Only 20?
What’s wrong with a well placed tat?

Merry Christmas to all off you!

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Nicely done sir! If another Miami Vice remake happens, my money’s on you as Crockett.

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Davy Crockett?

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Love ya @josie! Well deserved.

Go Badgers.

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Congo rats to a great contributor! Your time has come!

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@josie: Yes, of course. It’s a remake as historical fiction.

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@josie. Would you put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari? :-)

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Will be watching the Badgers in the Rose Bowl. Merry Xmas!
You see the new Star Wars yet?

Thanks everybody!

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@Josie: Did you plan this to coincide with Hanukkah and the Christmas season? Congratulations! We have plenty of fun holiday foods for the party!

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Everything I do is carefully planned

I’ll need a new belt for Christmas!

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Joze knows! I always enjoy your words.

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Plus, FYI, I love dogs!
Merry Christmas and have great Next Year!

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Love me some @josie .
Glad to see good jellies, get higher in the mansion…

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Now-Spread some good cheer for the Holidays!

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I’ll try. Just for you bro….

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That’s a nice thought
But you will be good for it too!
Have a Merry Christmas!

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^That means a LOT, to me. I hope you have a great Christmas. You’re a better man, than me. You deserve it more…

Peace n love.

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Fakkin A! Congrats! :)

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Belated thanks!

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Hey @josie! Late to your own party!

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