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Do you own, and use, a hot glue gun?

Asked by rebbel (31245points) December 20th, 2019

If so, what purposes do you/have you used it on?
I use it to quickly fixate two boards together if I make a jig or something.

And you?

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Yup, but never have used it for any wood products, works super for plastic crap.

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We had one when the kids were in elementary school, and my daughter was in Girl Scouts and my son in Cub Scouts.

We lost it years ago and have not missed it.

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I am usually fixing something with a hot glue gun (as opposed to making something crafty).
Recently fixed some mirror edge pieces that came loose from their backing board, and a tear in the liner of a lunchbox.

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Somewhere in the great craft boxes and haven’t used it in 12 years.

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I have two. I use them for various things.
The biggest job was gluing sequins to a costume. It worked well.

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yes for grafts such as Christmas putz houses put together.( mini houses made of paper).

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I use mine quite a bit. We have made many cardboard houses and even a pirate ship with a wheel that could spin.

I used it last night to glue some faux fur onto an ornament for hair (it also had self-adhesive googly eyes). And hot glued a red pom pom onto a pin for Rudolph’s nose.

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I have three hot glue guns, all of which I have used for crafts. I have three because I would buy one and forget I had it. Finally organized my craft stuff and all three are in a labeled box. My husband was going to buy one last year for work. He mentioned it, so I brought him all three of mine. Luckily they served his purpose and saved his business a couple of dollars.

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I have a few. I don’t use it too often but they’re good to have for crafts.

I find the glue comes off easily when it’s dried, so I don’t think they’re the best for long term adhesion. I think they’re good in a pinch when you’re in a hurry or when you want to glue something that’s not going to be getting a lot of wear and tear.

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Last night my college age daughter bumped a piece of my nativity set over, and broke off the head of one of the three wise men. Within minutes he dug out her hot glue gun and fixed it. I was surprised she still had it.

—Do I get extra lurve for tying multiple recent questions in one answer?—

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