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I keep getting updates for malware on my computer. Is this spam?

Asked by Inspired_2write (13248points) December 21st, 2019

My antivirus software will be expiring January 20 was wondering if this was something like spam or legitimate?
I have to continually power down my computer to get it off my screen. I don’t dare click on the “x’ out as it may be a means to get into my computer? Any suggestions?

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What is the message and does it give the name of the manufacturer? Some of these are legit reminders. Others are not.

Need to know more about exactly what the message says and if there is a product or company name on the notice.

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Just had Malwarebytes update.
Just had check as to when my antivirus software would expire and confirmed not until January 20th 2020.
I asked about the problem stated and they told me NOT to click on it.
Later I renewed online through Dell the antivirus software for two more years and they told me ( remote repair/viewing) that Malwarebytes was/is a free antivirus software that last year I had on my computer that was continually asking for update?
I had it removed since it will continue otherwise.
Got scared that it was a virus as I was online a lot shopping etc
Thanks for answering quickly.
Phew happy now , all clear and updated.

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