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Earning lurve - which gives you more pride and a feeling of having contributed?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30573points) December 23rd, 2019

- getting the 5-lurve bonus for a good answer?


- getting the 3-lurve bonus for asking a good question?

Which swells your heart with pride?

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I get more pride from asking a very good question. Asking a good question takes skill.

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You’re meant to feel pride at getting some silly arse numbers attributed to your Q&A’s?

Really? :D

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I have received some helpful, funny or just plain interesting answers during my short time back here.
I am not proud of this. Lol!

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I like getting lurve as a tiny, tiny bit of validation that I wrote something worth reading for a second – that may have made someone smile, or think.

Pride is a bit of a stretch.

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Sorry I miss read the question. I thought that It was contraband, not contributed. Lol.

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Neither. I pay absolutely no attention to it whatsoever. I honestly don’t care.

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When I was in grade school gold stars on a wall didn’t mean much. It was hard to motivate me. Fluther Lurve is a second chance to say that I care. I was on the road to no where.

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Both equally. Same pride as when others understand just what the heck I’m talking about.

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Asking a question just for the sake of asking doesn’t generate any pride for me, or respect for anyone else.

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My questions are generally asked for my own benefit, and hopefully some other people might have been wondering the same thing, but not necessarily. For a good answer, I’m hopefully helping the OP, and anyone else who is reading the answer.

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If I cared about lurve I wouldn’t have created and deleted so many accounts.

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Some might say that pride goeth before destruction and an haughty spirit before a fall but like Frau Farbissina I say Lies, All Lies

The only lurve that counts is that which the moderators deign to convey.

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